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Eurocom Officially Closes Despite Planned Restructuring

As if the Holiday spirit wasn’t already active within us all, the brutality of the video game industry has hit once again as yet another studio is shuttering.  After announcing their plans to focus on mobile titles in the wake of firing 150 staff members, Eurocom have announced that the studio will cease operations entirely and close up shop.

Being a staple of the European games industry for the last twenty-five years, Eurocom is shutting their doors effective immediately as their proposed back-up plan of going the mobile route is being abandoned. Even though the company tried restructuring by making the tough decision to fire most of their staff, a handful of staffers remained but today those folks have been let go as well.

Failing to secure contracts with publishers, Eurocom had to shut their doorsdue to the matter of economics, as is usually the case with shuttered studios these days.  It seems like the failure of 007 Legends truly put Eurocom in a tough spot as the studio no doubt failed to receive potential bonuses that would’ve been received if the game performed well, which it absolutely didn’t due to it’s shoddy and obviously rushed development.

A jack of all trades in respect to their ability to juggle multiple franchises, it’s an utter shame that Eurocom is officially no more.  Gamers as a whole may not share such deep sentiments for Eurocom as they may not have been as marquee as a firm like Irrational Games, but the studio was nonetheless talented and I have a feeling their closing will have a deep impact in the already dwindling European games development community.

Ideally it would be nice if this was the last time I would have to write about a studio closing in 2012, but I have a feeling we could see a few more firms close based on weak sales and further company restructuring. I don’t know if 2012 has been as brutal as last year was, but things have once again been far from being near the state they should be.