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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Videos Showcase Dazzling Action

This week Konami held a special press event in which the media was invited to try out a near finished version of Metal Gear Rising: Revenganvce. Of course the staff of Shogun Gamer weren’t invited to try things out, but that won’t stop us from providing you fine readers with the array of new media from the game which reaches all sorts of levels in the badass department.

For the past few months Konami, Kojima Productions, and Platinum Games have been very selective about what they would show from Metal Gear Rising.  After getting out of the way the initial rough patch the game went through in the early days of development, it seemed like Konami was just testing the waters by giving us a few small appetizers of Rising instead of giving us the main course only to lead to immediate disappointment.

With gamers and the core Metal Gear audience on board the hype train, more so after the Rising demo that came out in October, Konami has finally released a more in-depth look at the gameplay of Metal Gear Rising and I don’t think people will be disappointed.  Sadly we don’t have any additional footage of Raiden taking on the various boss characters that were revealed at TGS this past September, but we do have footage featuring a Metal Gear Ray battle, which proves that even early on in the game Raiden will still be a complete badass.

Taking place early within the game, Raiden will have to face off against a modern version of Metal Gear Ray which is loaded with all sorts of missile bays.  Deflecting missiles isn’t troublesome for the master ninja skills of Raiden as the gameplay footage shows him taking them out with pure ease.  At this point I think we should all be acclimated with the tone Platinum Games is going for in Rising as it’s certainly different from other Metal Gear games, but in the end that’s what could make Rising so damn awesome.

The additional gameplay video Konami released today is a bit more straightforward as it shows Raiden navigating a sewer taking on a more troublesome enemy.  Showing what an average battle will be like in the game, it appears like Metal Gear Rising won’t be totally forgiving as the lone encounter shown almost put Raiden out of commission.  Furthermore, gazing upon the Trophy/Achievement  list for the game it seems like Platinum is trying to instill a sense of becoming a master ninja as most of the goals are a bit on the hellish side.  Maybe it’s just me, but I find the prospect of completing the game on the highest difficulty with all S rankings to be a bit intimidating to say the least.

I know a lot of us had our initial worries about Metal Gear Rising, including myself, but based on this footage it seems like Platinum Games and Kojima Productions have lived up to the tagline of the game by making things right.