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Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel Set To Include Notable Hip-Hop Duo

If you’re a fan of rappers being shoe-horned into video games then you’re in luck as EA has acquired some talent to appear in one of their forthcoming games.  For whatever reason they may have, EA has decided to put acclaimed rapper Big Boi, formerly of Outkast, and B.O.B. in Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel. 

Not only will the duo contribute an original song in the third AoT entry, but they will also appear in the game - not just as bonus skins but as original characters. Yes, the marketing prowess of video game companies will never cease to amaze us am I right?

Aptly titled “Double or Nothing”, the song from Big Boi and B.O.B will effectively serve as the main theme song for The Devil’s Cartel.  Now before anyone jumps to conclusions, I don’t have a problem with rappers appearing in games. Not only can the results be both comical and entertaining, as was the case with 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, but they can kind of be cool in the end. Hell, I didn’t even have a problem with the legendary Ice-T appearing in Gears of War 3 even though Coco, his bootylicious wife, wasn’t by his side.

With all that said it’s kind of odd to see Big Boi and B.O.B going around as PMC soldiers shooting guys (powered by Frostbite 2 as EA would like you to remember) in a game that is trying to be “gritty”.  Most of us looked at the Army of Two franchise with an affectionate level of goofiness since it was a game that allowed our characters to high-five each other after killing 20 guys. When The Devil’s Cartel was announced the game was said to be going in a more mature direction that wouldn’t forgo intense action, thus living up to the Visceral Games moniker, yet we have Big Boi and B.O.B showing up as secondary characters. Yay video games!

Minor tidbits of Big Boi and B.O.B showing their acting chops can be seen in the two new trailers EA has released for the game, only one of which is actually worth watching.  If you’re either annoyed or hyped up to play as and see both Big Boi and B.O.B in Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel then leave us a comment at the bottom of this article or on our Facebook page.