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Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season 2 May Not Or May Not Feature Jax [Rumor]

Consistency won’t be entirely found in season two of Mortal Kombat: Legacy when it comes to which actors are portraying our favorite combatants.  As you may recall, last week saw a wave of news come in concerning who wasn’t returning to reprise their role in the second season of MK: Legacy, the biggest of which was actor Matt Mullins not being asked to reprise the role of Johnny Cage

Some initial cast worries were put to rest when Warner Bros. officially unveiled part of the MK: Legacy cast along with Action Choreographer Larnel Stovall making his own set of announcements.  While a few key characters had an actor attached, including Mark Dacascos portraying Kung Lao, some names were still missing from the first round of cast reports, the biggest of which were Jax, Sonya Blade, and Raiden.

It seems like more major changes could be coming to the second season of Legacy as actor Michael Jai White has revealed that he won’t be reprising his role of Jax.  When asked on the matter via Twitter, Michael responded that he won’t be portraying Jax in the series but will come back for the movie.  Announced last year, a new MK movie is currently in the works that will be, or was at least planned to be, separate from the web series. 

Aside from the fact that Kevin Tancharoen would direct the feature and that it would have a sizeable budget, no other details have been given on the movie.  So it seems like Michael Jai White at least knows a little something as to what’s going on or he’s just playing his cards openly in the hopes of getting on-board the project.  The character of Jax was set to return in season 2 of Legacy but with this reveal we could see two things happen: the character will be written out or will be portrayed by another actor.

Trying to replace Michael Jai White seems a bit impossible since he’s a one of a kind actor and martial artist so I doubt we’ll see a different face behind Jax. However, entirely glossing over the character and writing him out would seem odd, especially since Stryker (played by stuntman Eric Jacobus) will appear in the second season.

A feeling of disappointment may once again wash over MK fans out there since seeing a character out of action or portrayed by a different actor is upsetting to say the least. So far no other details have been released on season 2 of MK: Legacy so once again we’re in the dark about the project.

Listed below are the latest cast details on the second season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy.


Official Cast

Ian Anthony Dale as Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion
Sam Tjhia as Princess Kitana
Darren Shahlavi as Kano
Harry Shum Jr. as Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero 2
Cary Tagawa as Shang Tsung
Brian Tee as Liu Kang
Mark Dacascos as Kung Lao
Casper Van Dien as Johnny Cage
Eric Jacobus as Stryker
Michelle Lee as Mileena

Not Returning
Matt Mullins (Johnny Cage)
Tahmoh Penikett (Kurtis Stryker)
Jeri Ryan (Sonya Blade)
Jolene Tran (Mileena)
Michael Jai White (Jax)

New Cast Members
Dan Southworth as unknown character
John Wusah as unknown character

Characters Set To Appear In Season 2
Sonya Blade
Liu Kang
Kung Lao
Johnny Cage
Shang Tsung
Quan Chi