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Energy Hook Debut Trailer Shows Intense Action and Thrills

Late last month a game was released that totally took me by surprise. No, I wasn’t taken aback by an obvious heavyweight like Dishonored as it was instead the small PlayStation Mobile game Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe that had me completely hooked in every regard. You can check out my review of SSSD to learn the finer points of what made the title so addicting, but the big news is that developer Happion Laboratories has just revealed their follow-up project.

Teased over the last few months, Happion Laboratories founder Jamie Fristom is finally ready to unveil Energy Hook to the masses. Drawing upon his background working on the Spider-Man games for Activision, in which he created the legendary swing mechanic for Spider-Man 2, Energy Hook involves players swinging around a futuristic city in a way similar to arcade sports games such as SSX.

For the past few months Jamie has shared some work-in-progress videos of Energy Hook via the Happion Laboratories blog, but now the first official teaser trailer has been released in advance of the forthcoming Kickstarter campaign.  Slated to kick off on December 8th, Energy Hook will be the latest indie project to go the Kickstarter route and I hope that the game receives a successful campaign based on what this new teaser trailer shows.

Just keep in mind that this glimpse at Energy Hook is indicative of a project still in development so it’s possible that the finished game will literally have our jaws on the floor while we swing around a city running up the side of buildings Spider-Man style.