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Bayonetta Set To Appear In The Western Release Of Anarchy Reigns

It may have taken roughly a year and a half for the game to finally hit our shores, but the brawler that is Anarchy Reigns is still a thing that will actually see the light of day.  Gamers in Japan may have been lucky to have the game since July, yet for some reason Sega decided to delay the game from releasing in the west until 2013, January 2013 to be exact as per the last major update that was given.

Perhaps being sent to die amidst a wave of other notable releases in early 2013, such as little games called Metal Gear Rising and Bioshock: Infinite, Anarchy Reigns is basically going to be a game for the fans of Platinum and those who adore Japanese developers who don’t have a problem creating a game starring a black pimp, a chick whose bouncing breasts are a magnet for staring, and a cyborg that’s fond of smoking cigars.

The wait for Anarchy Reigns may have been long but the good news is that gamers will indeed receive the Bayonetta DLC that was included with the Japanese release. Likely the only time PS3 and Xbox 360 owners will be able to see Bayonetta again due to the whole exclusive thing surrounding Bayonetta 2, gamers can at least kick ass with the femme fatale once more.

Set to be an “exclusive” pre-order bonus via Gamestop, Bayonetta will include her own array of attacks which utiliize the fact that she wields four guns, two in her hands and two embedded in her high-heels.  Alongside the bonus of receiving Bayonetta as a playable character Gamestop Anarchy Reigns pre-order bonus will also include two additional modes, one of which is Dogfight - a different style of combat challenge as it revolves around characters hanging onto helicopters as they shoot one another. Only the fine minds at Platinum Games could ever think of such a brilliant mode.

The Bayonetta bonus DLC is only available via Gamestop right now but it’ll likely make its way to the PS Store and XBL at some point for what I hope will be a modest price.  Sega may have handled Anarchy Reigns a bit poorly based on what I’ve heard from, but at least we’ll get everything the game has to offer once it arrives on January 8th.