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First Impression: Nintendo Wii U

First impressions often set the mood for all things in life. Think of the time you met that guy who smelled of Bisquick and skunk. Did you stay friends with him? Likely not, because he ate 12 half stakes and forgot to shower. With Nintendo's launch of the Wii U over the weekend, has it become my new BFF or the smelly kid no one talks too?

The Console

I opted for the Deluxe Wii U bundle, which contained 32gbs of memory, Gamepad, fancy little stands and Nintendoland. Let's not forget it came in black, and everything is better in black ask AC/DC. This of course came with quite the hefty price tag of $349.99. Of the issues I had, this is the biggest. I think most people agree the Wii U is slightly overpriced, but the Deluxe bundle is easily the better deal of the two. All that aside, the Wii U is a sleek, sexier version of its predecessor, boasting (finally) HD capability and other fascinating specs. NERD!

You know it’s a good sign, when you’re standing in line on launch day and find our there’s a day one patch. For me, I always felt Nintendo never cared all that much about what people thought of the Wii... I mean when you’re selling consoles like they did, is there really a reason to assume people are having problems? One of the things I really needed from Nintendo is that attention to detail. They needed to take this console seriously. So to hear big N is encouraging Devs to patch the hell out of their games is a great sign.

Once on, the Wii U was like that light at the end of the tunnel. You run! Run like the wind or like Forest or something. The opening menu and interface is crisp, clear and interactive. The Nintendo Network has been a long time coming. Anyone who experienced the tedious process of inputting a friend code knows my pain. By the way, feel free to add me up The_Thuggernaut. Bitch!

Another major addition comes in MiiVerse. The interactive, Xbox Livey, forum-esque feature allows gamers to communicate, become friends and draw male genitals. While I love the feature, it’s currently being over moderated. Nintendo is so worried that people will either a) spoil games or b) draw sexually explicit content... like this rocket ship I drew.

In here lies my other issue. I understand the need to moderate things accordingly, but my account has already been restricted. It’s all because I was double penalized for the same crime. Double jeopardy people. It worked out like this. I got written up because of my initial post, and then reprimanded again for having that post in my profile. Da hell? 


Getting off track here. On first sight, the GamePad exerts intrigue and gimmick. Not to mention the sure size of the thing. I’ll be honest I was a little worried the controller just wouldn’t feel natural in my hands, alas it wasn’t the case. Thank God too. I didn’t want to buy the pro controller after dropping so much dough just simply on the console and games. While at first it felt strange, it rung more natural than the Wiimote ever did. Touch screen controls are crisp and clean... while in-game integration has been fun to explore. I still feel the GamePad has the potential to further this business to where it needs to be and possibly open the door to MMOs making the jump to consoles.


While I haven’t fooled around too much with Nintendo TVii, being able to control your television with Gamepad saves my lazy ass from getting up and finding the other remote.

Launch Titles

The Wii U has launched with a rather expansive library of titles, certainly more than what Nintendo launched the 3DS with. Womp! Womp! The success of the Wii U and its popularity among “hardcore gamers” will be placed on third party games. While it will never officially be said, a good portion of people who bought Wiis, ultimately had to buy another system in order to enjoy a lot of great titles. Something they never should've had to do. This of course is not to say, people don’t love Nintendo’s first party games... they’re some of the most beloved franchises ever created. What I think people want is the option, and if the launch titles are an example of what’s to come, things are looking good on the Wii U.


The Wii U was worth the day one purchase. I understand the wait-and-see approach, especially following the launch of the Wii. After a few days of playing, I feel like Nintendo cares about their core fan base again and is ready to lead the next generation of consoles going forward.

The_Thuggernaut. Bitch!