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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Set To Receive Two DLC Characters

The character driven brawler that is PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is set to drop next week with an impressive roster of both old and new favorites. However, being the picky people that they are, gamers, more so longtime PlayStation fans, made a huff over some glaring character omissions.  Well if you wanted two characters in particular to make an appearance in PS All-Stars then you’re in luck since SuperBot Entertainment has announced the first wave of character DLC.

It may sound disconcerting that DLC characters are already being announced for PS All-Stars, though this development isn’t all bad since Sony is doing gamers a solid by making the DLC free - at least for a specific time window.

Joining the already deep roster of PS All-Stars will be Kat, the lovely heroine from the PS Vita title Gravity Rush, and Emmett Graves, the protagonist from Starhawk.  The inclusion of Kat in PS All-Stars is long overdue in the eyes of many since the character proved to have an infectious charm amongst those who played Gravity Rush. Kat’s likeable personality and her potential moves-set of controlling gravity could make her one of the most unique characters to be included in the game. 

Emmett Graves on the other hand is a bit of a surprise inclusion since he, and Starhawk for that matter, hasn't really caught on amongst the PlayStation community.  There’s no doubt that Emmett could be a cool character, especially if his Level 3 Super consists of summoning a Hawk, but I think including a more iconic character such a Vib Ribbon or even Gabe Logan (Syphon Filter) would’ve been a better choice.

No matter what characters will be offered first the key thing is that both will be free to download.  Once both characters are released early next year they’ll be absolutely free to download for a period of two weeks. Beyond that it’s not known how much the characters will go for as I’m sure Sony and SuperBot are waiting for potential community feedback before settling on prices for DLC characters.

So if you somehow master each character in PS All-Stars next week at least you can look forward to two new additions to kick off 2013.