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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Final Boss Revealed + Intro Video

Sony may not be doing their best to promote PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale considering the game comes out in less than two weeks, but such a thing ultimately won’t have an effect on the overall quality of the product.  Debates about the similarities between PS All-Stars and the Smash Bros. franchise will likely continue until the planet Earth is invaded by aliens or suddenly goes boom, but the team at SuperBot Entertainment have done something that will likely please everyone who has been a PlayStation fan since day 1.

The omissions of certain PlayStation franchise characters in PS All-Stars is certainly questionable (why is there no Gabe or Kat?), though we should all be realistic in understanding that the game couldn’t have 40 or more characters from the get-go.  Character disappointments aside, a very special reveal has been made as to which character will be the final boss in the single-player mode of PS All-Stars.

To celebrate the news of the game going gold (everything is done and retail copies are being made), Sony has released the opening intro of PS All-Stars.  As Seth Killian revealed on the PlayStation Blog, the final boss of the game is revealed towards the end of the intro and I think that longtime PlayStation fans will be pleased as to who it is since I honestly couldn’t think of a better character to embody the longtime heritage of the PlayStation brand.

In case you have no problem spoiling things for yourself and want to know every single tidbit of PS All-Stars info there is then here’s the reveal of the final boss: it’s the Polygon Man.  Best known as being a mascot of sorts of the PS1 back in the day, the Polygon Man never was a game character in a sense as he only appeared in different adverts - all of which were somewhat daring in their execution.

Perhaps people will moan that Solid Snake or Sephiroth should’ve been the final boss, but it’s a nice throwback to have the demonic looking Polygon Man be the foe that gamers need to take down at the end.