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Need For Speed Movie Gains Another Incredible Actor

With two cast members already aboard the film adaptation of Need For Speed, including the amazing Aaron Paul, the project has entailed the services of yet another stellar actor.  Joining the theatrical debut of the NFS series is British actor Dominic Cooper.  Best known for portraying Howard Stark in Captain America: The First Avenger, Cooper will play one of the main protagonists within the film - an update which finally gives us our first details on the plot.

It was known that the NFS movie would feature a healthy amount of action with a vibe supposedly reminiscent of 1970s action movies but beyond that we didn’t know a thing. With the involvement of Aaron Paul and the background of writer John Gatins being in dramatic films, there was a belief that the NFS movie would maybe forgo constant action in favor of drama and character building.  Well based on the first plot summary we’ve received it seems like such a thing is definitely true.

This may sound a bit basic, but the plot of the NFS movie is as follows: an underground street racer/car shop owner (Aaron Paul) is framed and wrongly convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. Hungry for vengeance and clearing his name,  our hero goes on a quest to find those who wronged him.  

Ok, so the plot may sound like its simply generic action movie #69430, but the talent involved in the movie is what could make the flick rise above the Jerry Bruckheimer garbage we sometimes receive.  So far it seems like the characters within the film will be interesting as Dominic Cooper is slated to play Dino, an ex-NASCAR racer who has decided to stop turning left all the time in favor of opening an elaborate car shop.  During the course of the film Cooper’s character will join the quest of Aaron Paul’s character alongside fellow cast member Imogen Poots, who will reportedly play a dealer of exotic cars and not a would-be racer.

Dominic Cooper is one hell of an actor so the combo of him and Aaron Paul going back and forth dialog wise has me incredibly excited. At this point I’m just interested to see who the villains would be since such a thing could be a make or break moment.  I’m encouraged that the creative team of the film will secure some amazing talent for the antagonistic roles since they were able to snag Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper - two actor’s that typically don’t do trash projects.

The Need For Speed film is still on track to begin principle photography in early 2013 for a planned release in the first half of 2014.

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