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Need For Speed Movie Secures Leading Lady

Development on the live-action Need For Speed movie seems to be actually progressing instead of stalling and dying a slow death over the course of several years. After acquiring the talents of Emmy winner Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) to portray the lead in the movie, yet another casting decision has been made and this time it pertains to the all important role of the female lead i.e. the potential love interest and key eye candy for adolescent male viewers.

Joining the Need For Speed movie will be British actress Imogen Poots. Best known for her role in the remake of Fright Night, Imogen will play a young racer who needs to help her father bounce back from financial trouble after he bets everything on her races. Beyond that not much is known about Imogen’s character, or the general plot of the film, so those are the only details we have for today.

It was expected that the NFS movie would have an element of “eye candy” more or less, but I’m just happy that the creative team went for an actual actress instead of merely selecting a Victoria’s Secret model that can string together words in a slightly cohesive fashion.  Imogen may not be an Oscar caliber actress, at least based on her prior performances, though I’m sure she’ll do her best to lend an element of believability and charm to her character.

With shooting scheduled to begin in early 2013 it’s likely that we’ll receive more casting updates on the film as 2012 comes to a close and perhaps we’ll receive a plot summary. I know there’s only so much you can do with the outline of cars racing one another, but I seriously don’t want to have another “Gone In Sixty Seconds” on my hands since an action movie starring Aaron Paul has too much potential to be good.

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