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UK Gamers Receiving Metal Gear Rising Limited Edition

There is hope for Metal Gear fans after all as Konami has just revealed the European Limited Edition SKUs for Metal Gear Rising.  If you recall, last week Konami unveiled not just one but two exquisite CE’s for Rising which traded in tacky accessories for stylish things such as nice packaging and a rather kick-ass Raiden figure.  Thought had it that Konami wouldn’t bring either of those packages to Western markets, but today we stand corrected.

Set for release on February 22nd are three Limited Edition SKUs that gamers in Europe can obtain. Those who want another Metal Gear figure on their shelf can make their wish become a reality as the special Play Arts Kai Raiden alt figure will indeed be included.  This Raiden figure Limited Edition will assuredly sell out quickly since only 25,000 units will be shipped and sold exclusively via Euro retailer Zavvi for the price of £99 . I don’t know if such news will make all my gaming brethren in the UK pound their fists in anger, but as Metal Gear fans I’m sure they’ll find a way to obtain this special Raiden figure.

The other two Limited Edition’s sadly don’t feature a dwarf gekko figurine as they merely consist of two alternate Steelbook covers, one featuring Raiden doing his slice and dice thing while the other was designed by longtime Metal Gear artist Yoji Shinkawa.  The Shinkawa Steelbook will also come with an Inferno costume DLC, it enables Raiden to carry more items, and will be available exclusively through Game stores while the other steelbook will be available at various retailers throughout the UK.


In the world of limited edition covers anything created by Shinkawa wins by default so if you want to snag a unit for yourself then I suggest you pre-order it stat otherwise be the victim of paying an ungodly amount of money on eBay to secure it.

It’s nice that gamers in the UK are getting the chance to own some rather exceptional Limited Edition SKUs for MGR, but what about North America?  Are we seriously going to be stuck with a $150 Limited Edition that comes with a katana lamp? That just seems a bit wrong and odd to be.