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Mass Effect Movie Gets New Writer, Still Not Close To Entering Production

In a sign that the project is somewhat moving along instead of being forever trapped within the nothingness that is a black hole, the Mass Effect movie now has a new screenwriter attached.  Announced several years ago with production company Legendary Films (Batman Begins, Man of Steel) handling the core duties, the Mass Effect movie could’ve provided us with some amazing sci-fi in the movie arena, but as always development woes were abound.

Exactly what made the Mass Effect movie suddenly stall is still a mystery, however one minor issue may have been the script.  In the world of Hollywood it’s never easy to find a good script, even though most of what is produced is utter garbage, and that’s clearly evident by this latest development on the Mass Effect movie. 

Previously writer Mark Protosevich (I Am Legend, Thor) was charged with adapting the world of Mass Effect into a film with several drafts being turned in to Legendary. Oddly enough studio brass weren’t pleased with Mark’s efforts as he’s been pushed aside in favor of Morgan Davis Foehl.

Now the new writer for the Mass Effect movie, Foehl’s name likely won’t sound familiar, even to the most ardent of cinema fans, as he has yet to have one of his scripts enter production.  Foehl isn’t exactly green in the movie industry as he’s written scripts that have received buzz amongst those in the know, but he hasn’t exactly proven himself as a whole as someone that can pen good dialog and an immersive narrative.

It may seem like Legendary is setting up the Mass Effect movie for failure by allowing a “small time” writer to pen a massive sci-fi action movie, but Foehl’s reported fandom of the franchise is what got him the gig. So in a case of either good news or bad news, the Mass Effect franchise is now in the hands of someone who is a fan. At times having a fan be a key creative figure in a project can work wonders such as Kevin Tancharoen directing Mortal Kombat: Legacy, but it also has its drawbacks as well.

Whether or not Foehl will go overboard by delivering a Mass Effect script with fan zeal written all over it is unknown and honestly we may never know the answer.  EA and BioWare may have no plans on ending the Mass Effect series anytime soon, but it’s clear that interest in the series is beginning to wane amongst gamers; a development which could put the movie on the backburner. I’m always up for a deep sci-fi movie, action or otherwise, but in the case of Mass Effect I think it’s just too lttp at this point to make a difference.

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