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Konami Unveils Amazing Premium Packages For Metal Gear Rising

It’s always interesting to see how a publisher will not only market a game in the Western and Eastern markets, but to see what sort of specialty SKU they’ll release as well.  At this point gamers in the West are used to seeing sometimes sophisticated premium packages released in Japan that are amazing in every way and easily justify the high price tags that are attached.  

So is it a case of Japanese gamers having sophisticated tastes compared to those in the EU and NA? I don’t think that’s the case, but for some reason Japanese gamers are still getting the goodness as evident by the two premium packages for Metal Gear Rising.

Announced today by Konami, Metal Gear Rising will launch in Japan with two Premium Package SKUs that once again follow in the Konami/Kojima Productions tradition of giving the fans what they want.  Included in the first MGR Premium Package is a simple combo of the game, a special steelbook case housing the OST, a nice poster, and best of all it includes a poseable Dwarf Gekko figure that can be put in a variety of positions - including one that mimics it just being cut in half.

Releasing just one Premium Package wasn’t enough for Konami as they’ve also announced the Premium Package Konami Style Special Edition SKU.  Certainly a mouthful of a name, the package will include all the content in the other Premium Package SKU plus an incredle looking Raiden figure.  Likely part of the Konami MGS series of figures produced by Square Enix Play Arts Kai, this Raiden figures sports a different armor, or at least coloring, for our favorite battlefield ninja.  All together the figure looks incredible and it certainly puts to shame the piss poor figurines that come out in Western CE packages.

Most intriguing of all is the additional tidbit that both Premium Packages will include a DLC code for a Gray Fox DLC skin.  At long last the legendary cyborg ninja that made his debut appearance in MGS1 will return via Rising, at least in spirit since Raiden can do some classic Frank Jaeger style slicing and dicing.  Chances are high that the Gray Fox DLC will come to the West, though I’m just wondering how large the DLC plan will be for Rising. I doubt Platinum Games and Kojima Productions will release whole levels as DLC, but if a bit of fun is to be had with character skins then I think fans could enjoy such a thing.

As always these two Premium Package SKUs for Metal Gear Rising are exclusive to Japan so the only way to get them is to spend an ungodly high amount of money by purchasing them online. I’ll try my best not to be bitter over this news considering Konami, in all their wisdom, decided to give North American gamers a MGR Collector’s Edition with a gimmick lamp, a thing that somehow “justifies” a $150 price tag.