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God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta To Kick Off Next Month + New Video

You wouldn’t think that’s such a thing is happening due to the lack of hype thus far, but a new God of War game is coming out five months from now.  Not a direct continuation of God of War III, Sony Santa Monica is nonetheless continuing the tale of sorrow, bloodshed, and anger in God of War: Ascension.  So far we’ve seen what the game has to offer in a brief single-player snippet and today we have more footage showcasing the new and somewhat controversial multiplayer mode.

If you’re already seen the basic footage of Ascension’s multiplayer mode you know that it involves two teams battling one another as they try to take down a Titan in a way that will put a massive frown on its face.  Beyond the basic gameplay premise, Sony Santa Monica is injecting a true God of War flavor by allowing gamers to select a Greek god to serve.  Previously it was announced that gamers would be able to serve Hades, Aries, Poseidon, and of course the king of Mount Olympus - Zeus.

To coincide with the news of a multiplayer beta beginning for God of War: Ascension next month, Sony has released a new video showcasing the combat skills of the Zeus faction and what gamers can expect from the competitive shenanigans.

As the video shows, players that choose the Zeus faction will have some nice abilities to utilize such as lightning attacks and of course the ability to send bolts towards enemies.  Upon watching the video there may still be a deep sense of skepticism over God of War going the multiplayer route, but it honestly isn’t that bad.

Based on what I played of the game at E3 this year, the team at Sony Santa Monica have done a terrific job at transitioning the core GOW combat mechanics and evolving them to fit a fast paced online multiplayer mode.  Best of all, the Ascension multiplayer mode was pure fun since it came across as a modern version of Power Stone, albeit with a lot of blood and gore.

Those who wish to participate in the God of War: Ascension multiplayer beta will either have to be an existing PlayStation Plus subscriber or sign up on to potentially be picked.  Things may be looking surprisingly good on the multiplayer side of things, but I must admit that I’m beginning to worry about the single-player since it’s nearly November and we have yet to see anything new since E3.  Perhaps we’ll see more of Kratos’ single-player adventure in the months leading up to the March release of Ascension unless something else is amiss.