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[UPDATED WITH VIDEO] First look and details on Uncharted 2 multiplayer modes

While the surprise announcement set for today was leaked on Friday that Uncharted 2 would feature a multiplayer mode things aren't entirely spoiled as we now have our first look at what the mp modes will look like.

Hands-on impressions of the Final Fantasy XIII Trial Version

Ever since its premiere trailer at E3 2006 fans have been absolutely clamoring for Final Fantasy XIII to be released. It has definitely been a tough three years since then due to new media for the game has been rather scarce and limited to the occasional Famitsu article and closed theater screenings at Square Enix events.  Add that to the announcement at last year’s E3 that the game would be multiplatform and appear on the Xbox 360 as well and you’re definitely going to have a fanbase that is restless and angry.

Bioshock film gets halted

While most of us hate when a film adaptation of a game is announced many were quite interested to see how the film version of Bioshock would turn out. Not only did Bioshock have a bevy of themes and interesting design choices that would make it perfect for a film but the fact that director Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) was involved and turned down directing duties on Pirates 4 so he could be able to direct Bioshock made many think this could be the film to break the game film curse.

Fable 2 DLC Rewards players for watching their friends have sex.

That's right boys and girls! It's time to get your freak and or peep on with Fable 2. Lionhead studios has revealed the new Achievements included in their upcoming downloadable content for Fable 2. The pack, titled "See The Future," adds 13 new achievements that are worth a total of 250 Gamerscore Points. One of the 13 achievements called the "Paramour" asks the player to make love 25 times, or alternatively watch another Hero do the same. So if you are going to bang 25 virtual wenches you might as well invite your friend so you can both unlock the achievement.

Sony promises an 'Electrifying' announcement for Monday

Today Sony has begun to tease a big announcement set for Monday involving Infamous and Uncharted 2. The tease itself is just a banner video on the US PlayStation site which flashes between images of Infamous and Uncharted 2 and then puts up the date 4-27-09.

Star Wars co-op action could be coming soon

Destructoid is reporting today that there is a new Star Wars game in the works for the PS3 and 360 which is said to feature co-op play. Is it the long awaited Star Wars Battlefront 3 that was in the works at Free Radical and was later unjustly cancelled by LucasArts? No it isn’t. Instead the game is rumored to be a 3rd person action game set in the Star Wars Clone Wars universe.

Big Smile Reviews: Final Fantasy Crisis Core PSP

Diifii takes a look at Final Fantasy Crisis Core on the PSP.

He'll talk about the unique battle system that mixes real time and classic RPG turn based game play and show off some of the games boss encounters.

Check it out and see if this hand held chapter of the epic RPG stacks up to it's predecessors.

If you haven't already check out the official Big Smile Reviews YouTube channel and subscribe!

Killzone 2 DLC Map Pack Steel & Titanium Priced at 5.99

Well the first pack of DLC has been priced at $5.99 on the Playstation Network. The package contains two new maps for players to play online, but the question is how many of you will buy it?

Below is a video of the two maps in the ever so cleverly named "Steel & Titanium" map pack. I personally think the train level looks really interesting, but I don't know if I will dish out money to play them.

Big Smile Reviews: Grand Theft Auto IV

A classic Diifii review on Grand Theft Auto IV. The GTA series is one of the most influential additions to the gaming industry to date. It set the bar in terms of combining huge open worlds, great story and over the top action in a single title. So join Diifii and find out what he thinks about GTA IV and if it stacked up to the hype.

Warner Bros. Interactive announces Lego Rock Band

For awhile it seemed like Electronic Arts, MTV Games and Harmonix would be treating the Rock Band license with some class and dignity and not run it into the ground like Activision has with the Guitar Hero franchise.  Well it seems like today is when Rock Band is one step closer to going the way of Guitar Hero with the announcement of Lego Rock Band.

The press release from Warner Bros. Interactive describes the game as:

“will allow families, tweens and teens to experience a wild journey to rock stardom where they can "Build a Band and Rock the Universe"

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