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Wii U Burger King Toys Revealed - Disappointment Incoming

Most video-game cross-over/tie-in promotions tend to result in utter disappointment and that is certainly true of Burger King’s promotion of the Wii U.  If you recall it was revealed, albeit in a stealth like fashion, that the home of the Whopper would receive a slew of toys connected to the Wii U.  

Of course such a development led to speculation, or hope rather, that this partnership between Nintendo and Burger King would result in something possibly cool such as interactive NFC toys, but the end result is the very definition of disappointing.

Instead of receiving toys that would take a note from what Activision did with Skylanders, Burger King and Nintendo are offering up more plastic junk.  If you’re a video game toy collector or have some kids who love Mario then you may be pleased to learn that you can visit BK and acquire some sort of poor looking Donkey Kong thing or a Mario & Luigi vehicle launcher.

Perhaps we all should’ve expected a slew of poorly conceived tie-in products to surface as BK, but remembering the awesome, in a goofy way mind you, King games for the Xbox 360 that came out back in the day I don’t think it was too outlandish to hope that Nintendo would give us some NFC toys featuring their legendary characters.

In the end I guess this BK reveal is yet another lesson learned that we as gamers shouldn’t expect something amazing to be revealed all the time, especially if it pertains to Nintendo.