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Anarchy Reigns May Finally Have A NA Release Date/Price

At long last a North American release date may have finally been given to the Platinum Games produced multiplayer brawler that is Anarchy Reigns. There may be a sense of déjà vu with this news considering that we’ve already had two “release window” confirmations for Anarchy Reigns, but this latest date for the game could be the one that sticks.

After being kicked around by Sega after it made the press rounds in 2011, Anarchy Reigns could be poised for a January 2013 release in North America.  Sega has yet to officially announce the news, but several online retailers such as Amazon and Gamefly (who is usually on the money when it comes to release dates) have updated their listings for Anarchy Reigns with a January 8, 2013 release date.

In addition to the release date a price, or prices rather, have been revealed for the game. Amazon currently lists the Xbox 360 version of Anarchy Reigns for $29.95while the PS3 version stands at a $10 increase of $39.95.  A simple catalog error could be the reason for such a price discrepancy, but maybe the PS3 version will simply have 50% more anarchy in it, hence the increased price.

The long awaited Western release of Anarchy Reigns may be cause for celebration, though it’s still kind of appalling why the game was delayed for as long as it was.  The initial delay the game received may be understandable as it was given to allow Platinum Games more development time, but gamers in Japan received Anarchy Reigns this past July, a situation that was made that more painful since the game was already localized.  Such a situation obviously showed Sega’s lack of faith in Anarchy Reigns and an early 2013 release is definitely another sign since it’s being thrown to the wolves more or less.

Frustration towards Sega aside, it’ll be nice to finally play Anarchy Reigns since it’s gotten nothing but good buzz from those who took a risk and spent $107 to import it from Japan.