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Need For Speed Movie Acquires Breaking Bad Actor As Leading Man

When it was announced that Electronic Arts was shopping around a film adaptation of their Need for Speed franchise I think most gamers and movie fans couldn’t have cared less about the project.  Even when the project found a home at the mega studio that is DreamWorks (Transformers, Kung Fu Panda), hype levels went nowhere since it was believed the movie would simply be a retread of the Fast & Furious films, which at this point are beyond entertaining.  The lukewarm reaction towards the big screen debut of Need for Speed may now change based on the Emmy award winning actor that has signed up with the project.

Joining the live-action Need for Speed movie is none other than Aaron Paul, best known for playing the ever troubled yet likeable meth cook Jesse Pinkman in the AMC series Breaking Bad.  The addition of Aaron Paul in the NFS film is a pretty big deal since he’s a two-time Emmy winner and because he’s an amazing actor that will likely help carry over some of the Breaking Bad audience.

Details on the plot of the NFS film and who Aaron will be playing haven’t been disclosed, but the project is still moving ahead and is slated to begin filming early next year for a planned 2014 release.  Penning the NFS film is John Gatins (writer of Real Steal) and his brother George, who will also be producing the movie.  

John Gatins background as a writer is an interesting one as he’s been behind projects ranging from the new Denzel Washington drama “Flight” and “Coach Carter” - both of which were dramas.  So it’ll be interesting to say the least to see what sort of tone the NFS movie will have and whether or not it’ll embrace its video game heritage to provide over-the-top action akin to the Fast & Furious franchise or if it’ll break out into new, perhaps more dramatic territory as evident by the arrival of Aaron Paul as the leading man.

Whether or not the NFS movie will immediately become one of the most anticipated films of 2014 still remains to be seen, but having Aaron Paul headline the flick is pretty damn cool.  For the past five years Aaron has shown that he can be an amazing actor based on his performances in Breaking Bad and it’ll be nice to see him headline a pretty sizeable flick, which if we’re lucky could become one of the better video game movies made thus far.


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