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Teaser Trailer Released For Invizimals Cartoon

Despite having one of the more robust 1st party line-ups whose appeal spans a vast array of demographics, Sony opted to make their first TV/cartoon effort be none other than an adaptation of Invizimals.  Yeah I know, it was slightly disappointing to hear that the moderately popular PSP monster catching/fighting series was going to be adapted into a cartoon, certainly further riling up the sentiments that Sony likes to copy Nintendo, but the news still seemed interesting merely for the what if quotient.

The announcement of the Invizimals cartoon seemed rather sudden, especially since the PS Vita entry in the series hasn’t been officially announced, but what’s even more sudden is the arrival of the first footage from the series.  Still a ways off from its destined 2013 start date, we have our first snippet of footage from the Invizimals cartoon series and it doesn’t look that bad.

Gamers who played the Invizimals games on the PSP may be happy to hear that Keni Nakamura, the “research scientist” from SCE, is making an appearance in the cartoon and seems to have adopted the Ash role more or less.  Keni’s character seems to differ from that of the games as I don’t recall an underground lair with a trans-dimension portal making an appearance previously. 

Differences aside, the important thing to note is that the cartoon looks solid based on this teaser footage.  The overall quality of the series may still remain unknown, but visually the show looks better than expected as the CG animation doesn’t look as cheap as it does in other projects, most notably the rather stiff French produced Iron Man: Armored Adventures.

The chances of the Invizimals cartoon hitting it big next year are still low, that’s unless Sony pulls an Activision level Skylanders and does a full trans-media blitz, but from what this teaser video showed us it seems as if fans of the series are going to receive a solid adaptation that won’t soon become the new equivalent of the old-school animated Zelda series.  Who knows, with the arrival of Invizimals and the new CG Pac-Man cartoon perhaps 2013 could be the comeback year for video game based TV cartoons.