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Angry Birds Star Wars Is Officially A Thing

Our worst fears have come true as Angry Birds Star Wars is an actual thing.  After being teased last Friday with a near horrifying image of an Angry Bird character dressed as a Jedi Knight, LucasArts and Rovio have announced their partnership which does indeed span video games, toys, and even Halloween costumes.

Revealed yesterday at the consumer pit that is Times Square in New York, Rovio revealed that Angry Birds Star Wars will be available on iOS and Android platforms starting on November 8th.  Yup, it seems like both Rovio and LucasArts are keen to get the money of consumers and Star Wars fans as soon as they can hence the somewhat quick release date.  

The game itself will not just see a Star Wars skin applied to the core Angry Birds experience as the title is said to have a unique character to it that encompasses the look and feel of the Star Wars universe.  Besides having a character that looks and “acts” like Luke Skywalker, the Star Wars iteration of Angry Birds will have a few unique mechanics come into play such as gravitational physics that will be active in certain stages. So if you’re a huge Angry Birds fan and enjoyed what was offered in Angry Birds Space then expect more of that with this Star Wars entry.

There will be some traditional Angry Birds gameplay in this new Star Wars installment thanks to the levels which will include iconic locales such as Tattoonine and Hoth.  So if you’re not thrilled about dealing with different physics upon hurling a bird version of Luke Skywalker in an X-Wing then fear not as there will be a level of normalcy in the game.

At this point there’s little else I can say about how I feel about Angry Birds Star Wars as the game and it’s accompanying tie-in products will likely be a huge hit this holiday season.  In it’s essence this Star Wars themed Angry Birds game may be nice as a spiritual successor to Angry Birds Space, but it still seems like a shameless cash-in of the Star Wars brand.