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Konami Unveils North American Collector's Edition SKUs for Metal Gear Rising and Zone of the Enders HD

WB Interactive showed us a rather perfect Collector’s Edition for Injustice: Gods Among Us earlier this week that perfectly fit the target demographic without skewing too low in an attempt to earn a few extra bucks.  The nature of CE’s still draws the ire of gamers once in a while since quality products that aren’t filled with needless plastic are hard to come by.

After releasing most of their quality CE’s only in Japan, Konami has finally decided to give North American gamers a little bit of goodness which is a combo of awesome and pure silliness. Unveiled last night during their special press event, Konami announced that they would be teaming up with Gamestop to provide Collector’s Edition SKUs for both Zone of the Enders HD and Metal Gear Rising.

ZoE fans will finally get a small sample of what Japanese gamers have been privy to, minus an Anubis model, as the ZoE HD Collection CE will include the soundtrack, presumably for the two games, as well as a 100 page art book.  The CE will have the added bonus of having a different box so you can show off to your friends and have a nice centerpiece for your collection. But best of all the ZoE HD CE will only retail for $60. Yes, I know it may seem strange that two major companies aren’t trying to squeeze out some extra dollars from us, but it is nice to know that come next month we can purchase a nice bundle of ZoE goodness without having to make our wallets cry even more.

The Metal Gear Rising CE on the other hand is devoid of the class found in the ZoE HD CE as it’s pure gimmicky at it’s finest. Instead of going the easy route with an art book, a soundtrack, and some sort of snazzy Raiden figure/statue, the Rising CE will instead give gamers the chance to own a plasma lamp. Yup, Konami has actually gone and created a plasma lamp that’s modeled after Raiden’s high-tech slice and dice sword of doom.  I’m still trying to figure out what a plasma lamp is, but it appears to be one of those slightly gimmicky things that has a strand of electricity, secured within a safe chamber, to make it look all special. Basically it’s one of those things that you may see used as set dressing in a bad sci-fi movie in an attempt to make things look “high-tech”.

Konami is offering something gamers may be interested in the Rising CE as it’ll also include the soundtrack for the game. That would be good news, but to be honest the Rising soundtrack isn’t sounding that hot based on the snippets found in the TGS demos, which is a bit shocking considering the buttery beats Platinum Games have created in the past in Vanquish.  Price details for the Rising CE weren’t revealed but I have a feeling the plasma lamp will put the price tag above $80.

It’s nice to see Konami finally reward their fan base in North America with a little something special, though I wish the Rising CE wasn’t as silly as it currently is. Maybe I’ll understand the cool factor of the plasma lamp once I see it in person, but I would rather prefer one of those plastic cyborg arms Konami sent out to certain press outlets earlier this year. Who wouldn’t want a fake rubber arm to use as a cosplay accessory or to terrify your pets with?