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First Look At The Bosses Of Metal Gear Rising [Video/Screens]

As much as TGS is associated with the PlayStation brand, gamers also think of Metal Gear Solid once September rolls around.  Konami and Kojima Productions may share some Metal Gear love to other industry events such as E3, but TGS is usually the one place in which we can look forward to receiving a somewhat excessively long trailer that ends with a comedic stinger.  Such a tradition still holds true for TGS 2012 as we have an extended, and rather revealing, look at Metal Gear Rising.

E3 2012 brought us our first major look at Metal Gear Rising through a rather well-edited trailer featuring a Depeche Mode song.  Along with that trailer, which was classic Kojima, the true highlight was getting some hands-on impressions with Metal Gear Rising and what sort of tone it was going for.  Based on what the E3 2012 demo provided, MGR seemed like it was on the right track but questions still remained as to the story.

We all know that some rather tragic stuff is set to happen to Raiden, such as losing his arm and possibly his family, but as this TGS 2012 trailer shows there’s a lot more going on than just that. Besides showing some impressive combat feats of Raiden such as sliding and slicing an enemy in half, which was in real-time by the way, we have a better look at the narrative scope of the game and the elaborate villains set to appear.

The exact motivations of the new rogues gallery in Metal Gear Rising are still unknown, but we at least know that this new squadron of baddies consists of some throwbacks to past MGS characters such as Fat Man from MGS2 and even Pyscho Mantis.  Besides the Vamp like samurai we’ve seen already, Rising is providing some rather unique boss designs such as the multi-arm Mistral, who likes to use her special ability to fondle herself.  

Looking at some of the new boss designs in screen form may seem odd, especially since they differ from what we usually see from the franchise.  In motion the boss designs do look better and the battles Platinum Games have designed appear to have a wide scope to them which not only provides a nice amount of flash but takes advantage of Raiden’s combat abilities.

It’s still hard to get a true gauge of these new characters since this TGS trailer is in Japanese, though it’s pretty clear that Sundowner is going to be a boss in the attitude sense, and that Monsoon may be kind of creepy with his whole magnetically held together arm.  Based on this trailer I think Platinum is bringing the goods in the gameplay department as there are actual stealth segments, both in a regular way featuring Raiden and a rather unexpected one through a secondary character.

There was never any doubt that Rising would be a kick ass game when it comes to action as the major doubts laid with the story and execution of things.  The overall tone of the game is still different compared to past entries in the Metal Gear series, but it seems like Platinum Games has captured the same magic through some rather over-the-top bosses that gamers will likely grow to love.