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Rockstar Reportedly Prepping Vita Games - For Now At Least

The hardware may be impressive, but the PlayStation Vita hasn’t exactly set the world on fire thanks to an uneven software library. There may be some standout games for the Vita, including the exceptional LBP entry, though games that capture a wide audience are still a rarity of sorts.  Sony may not have done the best job at marketing and showing what the future has in store for the Vita, but one studio that is reportedly supporting the device is Rockstar Games.

At this point it’s kind of public knowledge that most of the big developers out there have Vita dev kits and may be playing with them here and there. Hell, it was even rumored that Rockstar may be doing something for the Vita but in typical fashion exact details were no where to be found seeing as how Rockstar is infamous for having a squad of Scottish ninjas to instantly silence those who would leak company secrets.

The good news is that Rockstar is still reportedly working on a Vita project, make that projects.  For now the next big game Rockstar will be focusing on in the public and amongst the press is GTA V, but according to Game Informer’s Jim Reilly the studio is working on several Vita projects at the moment.  The well informed Reilly didn’t elaborate as to how many Vita projects Rockstar has in the works, but one can assume that it’s a decent amount. The only real question from this new update concerns whether or not the projects will actually be released and if so how long it’ll take to hit retail.

Seeing a Vita version of GTA V would be nice, but it’s rare for Rockstar to take the easy route, thus these Vita projects are either new IPs or spin-off entries of existing properties. Back in July Rockstar publicly made a tease of forthcoming news in the Red Dead series, much to the glee of gamers.  So it could be possible we’ll see a Vita based Red Dead game unless Rockstar is planning to give us a new Midnight Club or GTA side story experience.

Knowing the Rockstar development timetable and their flow of information, expect a long delay for when we finally see Rockstar’s mysterious Vita projects, that if these projects are ever released. Besides their long development cycles Rockstar is also known for cancelling projects that are never announced such as We Are The Mods.

At this point it’s just nice to know that the studio behind GTA and Max Payne 3 is dedicated to supporting the Vita and in the process will help deliver some good titles and much needed attention to Sony’s struggling platform.