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Wii U Toys Inbound From Burger King

The official public hype cycle of the Wii U amongst the mainstream public could begin shortly in a somewhat conventional but still unexpected way.  With a release date and prices now set, Nintendo will assuredly begin to roll out Wii U advertising through adverts that show how the console is fun for the whole family, or at least a perfect family as envisioned by a marketing firm.  Besides the regular media blitz that Nintendo will activate for the Wii U, some additional hype may originate from a fast food giant.

Keeping up the traditional tactic that some console manufacturers do, Nintendo is teaming up with Burger King to produce a series of toys based around the Wii U.  It may seem like Burger King has suddenly turned turncoat after being in bed with Microsoft and in turn delivering us the legendary yet creepy Xbox 360 games featuring the King, but now it’s time for Nintendo and the Wii U to get some BK love.

An official announcement featuring PR buzz words and other such hyperbole has yet to be released, but the partnership has been made public based on a teaser on Burger King’s BK Crown page.  All we know as of now is that some sort of Wii U toys will be made available to youngsters who hopefully aren’t stuffing their gullet with a delicious but overwhelmingly fatty double Whopper or chicken sandwich.

This Nintendo/Burger King partnership was hinted at late last month via a rumor that stated the toys would arrive around October 25th, leading some to wonder if that would be the launch window of the Wii U. Obviously now we know such a thing isn’t the case, but the question still exists as to the nature of the toys.  Burger King likely won’t offer kids a mini plastic Wii U and tablet controller to keep themselves busy, but besides the potential of seeing another plastic incarnation of Mario could it be possible that we’ll see NFC toys i.e. think Skylanders but with Nintendo characters.

Since the Wii U supports NFC products the potential could be huge if these BK toys allow folks to go home and unlock content on their Wii U, perhaps opening more things in Nintendo Land.  Maybe I’m just thinking too out of the box right now, but integrating NFC into a slew of Wii U themed toys would provide an amazing cross-over opportunity amongst eager kids and older gamers who can’t get enough Nintendo in their lives. And to be honest, receiving some simple plastic toys that do nothing, along the lines of the terrible Kinectimals toys BK released to accompany the Kinect, would be a disappointment of epic proportions.

Teaming up with Burger King may seem like an odd thing for Nintendo to do, but considering the reach of the company and it’s continued emphasis to offer ‘healthy” fast food it does make sense for Nintendo to join up with them.  If the October 25th release window for the Wii U BK toys is to be believed we should have some more details on the matter in the coming weeks.