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Hopeful Wishing Time: Microsoft Reportedly Renews Killer Instinct Trademarks

A true megaton could be upon us based on the latest trademark registration Microsoft has made. Either that or we’re in for a true disappointment of such epic proportions that gamers could enter such a zone of jadedness that their souls are forever imprisoned within the Phantom Zone.  The Microsoft acquisition of Rare has proven to be a bust based on what has transpired in the last five years, but one of the flagship properties of the company may return: Killer Instinct.

For years we’ve heard that a new Killer Instinct game may be on the cards and recently it was even confirmed in an interview with Chris Seavor (Conker’s Bad Fur Day) that the studio did indeed try to resurrect the franchise but to no avail thanks to Microsoft brass. However, some traction may have been made as Microsoft has renewed/refilled a trademark for Killer Instinct.

Such news comes from the site PlayXBLA, who could be trolling us but one could hope that the news is actually legit.  Before we all anticipate the return of Glacius and Chief Thunder, it should be noted that this doesn’t assure 100% that Killer Instinct is coming back let alone is being made by Rare. I hate to be a complete party pooper, but it could be possible that Microsoft is simply covering their bases yet again seeing as how they own Rare and in turn the Killer Instinct IP.  

With that said, it would be interesting if Microsoft is keeping the Killer Instinct trademarks alive as it could mean two things: we’re either getting XBLA re-releases of the old games or a modern day entry is in the works.  For the last few years Microsoft has played it rather odd when it comes to exclusive properties and more specifically how Rare’s talents are used.  It’s certainly possible that if a Killer Instinct game is made that Rare may not be behind it, but at this point I think fans of the series would just enjoy to see anything – even if it’s just ports of the original games.

There hasn’t been much in the way of chatter concerning a revival or return of Killer Instinct, but by now we know how Microsoft likes to drop stuff on us in a truly surprising way. So for now we can only keep an open mind as time will only tell if we’ll once again hear “Ultra Combo” as we dish out ultimate punishment on an enemy.