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Akaniero: Demon Hunters, The Next Game From American McGee, Is Finally Revealed

When it was announced that developer American McGee and his studio Spicy Horse would be focusing on mobile/browser games after the release of Alice: Madness Returns I was beyond bummed out. I know that as a game developer American has his fair share of fans and haters, but his general vision along with that of the Spicy Horse team deserved to be seen on the HD consoles. 

My initial feelings about the new focus of Spicy Horse only became that more bitter when the studios next project, Akaniero, was teased. Again I thought that the game would be good but would be better on the PS3/Xbox 360 compared to the sometimes limited scope provided by an iOS device. But today we finally have our debut footage of Akaniero: Demon Hunters and I honestly couldn’t be happier.

First teased earlier this year with some concept art, Akaniero: Demon Hunters is following American’s fascination with classic fairy tales as it’s a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. While not as literal as what was featured in the Alice games, Akaniero: Demon Hunters expands the lore while putting the tale in feudal Japan with heavy influences of folklore i.e. lots of creepy monsters.

The concept art for the game was impressive, but actually seeing it realized in actual gameplay is the true highlight for me.  As an action-RPG Akaniero: Demon Hunters may not be that different from what we’ve seen in the past, but once again Spicy Horse has created an artistically beautiful world that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. What’s more impressive about the game is that it’s a free-to-play PC/mobile game, once again showing that developers are by no means limited or restricted in delivering a high-end experience when it’s on the PC or even a tablet device.

It’s nice to finally see some footage of the game but what’s better is knowing that Spicy Horse haven’t had to dumb down their vision to fit a new platform approach.  While deep inside I may still yearn for an elaborate 3rd person adventure game like that of the Alice games, it is nice to see the unique style of Spicy Horse live on in a game that puts a new spin on the action-RPG genre.

Beta sign-ups are now open for Akaniero: Demon Hunters in advance of its late 2012 release.