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Is Capcom Prepping A Monster Hunter Movie?

Capcom may be readying another film adaptation of a core video game property, which based on the history of the company will either be a massive commercial and critical dud at the box office or will likely never become anything more than a mere pitch.  After giving us film versions of Street Fighter, Capcom is apparently preparing a film adaptation for none other than Monster Hunter.

A mega franchise over in Japan, Monster Hunter’s success has been mild abroad but that seemingly isn’t stopping the series from becoming the next vidgame to go the movie route.  The news of a Monster Hunter movie is definitely odd and unexpected and perhaps may even be tinged with doubt since it’s so out there. However, the news of such an endeavor isn’t a mere rumor as it comes straight from the mouth of Paul W.S. Anderson, the director of Resident Evil: Retribution.

During an interview in Japan to promote the latest Resident Evil movie, Anderson dropped the news of a potential Monster Hunter movie. “Recently, I've been loving Monster Hunter! A film conversion is currently in planning,” said Anderson when asked which video game he would like to see adapted into a film next.  

Now before Monster Hunter fans begin to worry that we’re going to see a film starring Milla Jovovich accompanied by a CG cat warrior there are a few things to consider. First off besides the potential of Anderson being misquoted due to an error in translation, a Monster Hunter movie may not be a greenlit project or anything that’s more than in the early planning stages. It’s also unknown if Anderson’s comment was in reference to something that Capcom is actively pursuing or if a Monster Hunter movie is merely the latest project he has attached himself to. In the past Anderson had attempted to do a Castlevania movie, which was a reportedly set in the 1940s with Nazis, so he may merely be drafting up Monster Hunter concepts to pitch considering his relationship with Capcom and the fact that he enjoys video games.

There’s no denying that the Monster Hunter series is entertaining as it’s cool to hunt giant beasts or sit by the fire roasting meat, but I really don’t know if the potential is there to be a movie. Far from being deep on the narrative front, a lot of liberties would have to be taken with a Monster Hunter movie which could ultimately make it feel like a cliché hybrid of LOTR/Reign of Fire (awesome Christian Bale dragon movie).

It may be cool to see the world of Monster Hunter come to life, warrior cats and all, but with the narrative issues and the limited appeal of the property I don’t know if it would be a sensible thing for Capcom to do. But again, when has Capcom ever been completely sensible this generation?

[via Andriasang]