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Keiji Inafune Goes Old-School With J.J. Rockets

He may have gone off the rails a bit by being brutally honest, but Keiji Inafune is back on track when it comes to be a game developer. After leaving Capcom towards the end of 2010, Keiji went on to create Intercept and Comcept, two new companies whose focus is on both gaming and other forms of interactive entertainment.  After laying low for a while Keiji eventually unveiled the kids centric 3DS game King of Pirates and the ultra mature PS Vita action-RPG Soul Sacrifice. But now Keiji is finally channeling his days creating side-scrollers through the action throwback that is J.J. Rockets.

A vast departure from the other two projects Keiji is currently working on, J.J. Rockets is basically an old-school beat-em-up with a little bit of modern style.  A free-to-play brawler on the Mobage platform in Japan, Keiji’s new game features the same trademark style we expect from the creator along with providing the new design sensibilities he’s gained in the last few years. 

Putting players in the role of the President of the United States, J.J. Rockets features said President, who doesn’t look like Obama, transforming into a superhero to battle mutants causing mayhem. There’s no vague social/political commentary abound in J.J. Rockets as the mutants don’t look like terrorists for country X. Instead, the game is simply a colorful and stylish brawler which draws influences from Keiji’s days designing Mega Man through the inclusion of giant rock looking men donning yellow hats.

Given the its current mobile trappings, J.J. Rockets is an easy pick up and play game as each level, including the traditional epic boss battle, was designed as a three-minute gameplay session. Playing a brawler in which the stages only last three minutes may seem odd, but if you’re gaming on the go it may be the perfect amount of time while riding the train or bus.  The length and overall direction of J.J. Rockets is interesting since it shows that Keiji is adapting as a game designer to fit the current marketplace but hasn’t totally changed as the design and mechanics of this new project are as old-school as you can get.

Currently J.J. Rockets is only available on Android platforms via Mobage, but an iOS version is currently being prepped. Whether or not we’ll see J.J. Rockets released outside of Japan is the big question, but considering that Marvelous AQL is publishing the game there may be a small chance that such a thing will happen.