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Invizimals Cartoon Set To Premiere In 2013

Sony is finally expanding on one of their core gaming properties in the TV space but it may not be the franchise you would’ve expected to receive such treatment. Set to air late next year will be an animated version of Invizimals, the monster hunting/1v1 brawler that made its debut on the PSP.  Far from being one of the pillars of the PlayStation brand, Invizimals managed to catch on quite heavily over in Europe thus an animated series is in the works.

Developed by the Spain based animation studio BRB Internacional, the Invizimals series is currently being prepped as a half-hour series with 26 episodes in its debut season.  Additional details such as potential networks and distribution plans for the show weren’t disclosed at present time.  The direction of the show also hasn’t been laid out either so it’s unknown if the series will go for a high-end CG look or feature affordable cartoon visuals with an anime flair to them.

However, one detail that was revealed about the soon to be animated debut of Sony’s monster catching game is that the series will indeed feature the augmented reality aspect that the games are best known for having.  For those who didn’t play the first two Invizimals games, the main mechanic revolves around using the PSP add-on camera to “hunt” for animals scattered about your home and in turn seeing them do battle after emitting out of a portal represented by a physical card. Exactly how gamers will be able to interact with the series is still a mystery, but such interaction will have rewards as it’ll unlock content on the forthcoming PlayStation Vita iteration of Invizimals.

It’s easy to look at Invizimals as Sony’s rip-off of Pokemon as there are some similarities between the two. But aside from the whole monster element, Invizimals was a rather entertaining game as it featured some unique tech on the PSP via the augmented reality and it was just fun to play since each monster felt unique during battle.

Expanding the franchise via animation seems like the most logical thing to do and perhaps it’ll help make Invizimals that more popular.  In the end I’m just interested to see what developer NovaLogic is doing with the PS Vita iteration of the franchise as there could be a ton of unique things to do thanks to the horsepower of the Vita.

Also, Brian Blessed needs to be the in the Invizimals cartoon. That is all.