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Going to Fan Expo Toronto? Get Assassins Creed 3 For Free.

As a gaming website, we get a lot of promotional emails and press releases, but when one comes in claiming to be giving away Assassins Creed 3 just for showing up at Fan Expo in Toronto, I can't help but read it.

It seems the mysterious gamer group known only as the "G-List" has reappered. If you have never heard of them before, they're best known for their gurilla marketing interuptions of the Canadian Video Game Awards promoting the website

For Those who took the bait and dug deeper on that website, you'd soon come to find this website:

If you follow the online rabbit hole deep enough, they claim to be a society of gamers that were willing to take the time to become members. Membership seems to involve solving a variety of online puzzles, quizes and scavanger hunts (both online & at events).

In exchange for gaining membership access, people have been getting kick-ass perks and rewards, like 100% free games, $99 3D TV Monitors, and deep pre-launch discounts on consoles. 

At Shogun, we haven't been reporting too heavily on G-List, but their latest antics have been sent directly to us from a member who will only refer to himself as "Mister E." In short, he claims the G-List will be giving away Assassins Creed 3 to anyone who finds Connor Kenway (main character in AC3) and retrieves the password during Fan Expo? New members who do so are then eligible to reach level 10 and get the free preorder for AC3.

What does that mean? We have no idea. But we know the outcome is free Assassins Creed 3, so we figured a few people might be interested in his instructions. They also gave us a tip on how to score $20 off the Walking Dead Collectors Edition.

We'll be trying to reconnect with "Mister E" to see if we can't get more details, because free is my favoruite price. If you're interested in more G-List stuff, check out the following site. It's touting the Fan Expo logo already -



New members who register and earn a Level 10 ranking (entry level to unlock the most exclusive perks) will be eligible to receive a pre-order copy of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed 3. 1,000 copies are up for grabs! All new level 10 members need to do is find the official Ezio character roaming the show floor. 

Existing members have the chance to earn a massive 2,000 XP by finding the official Ezio on the show floor of Fan Expo 2012. Additionally, G-List members will have the opportunity to earn 1,500 XP by taking a photo of themselves in front of the LG booth and G-list symbols. 


Visit the Walking Dead booth to receive a promo code for $20 off the Walking Dead Season 2 Collector's Edition (while supplies last). Walking Dead reps at the booth will judge based on the following:

1. Meet them at the Walking Dead booth

2. Do a zombie walk/crawl and yell "I am walking dead!"

3. Receive code