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Yet Another Batman Character Joins The Cast Of Injustice: Gods Amongst Us

Gamescom hasn’t officially kicked off, at least in the sense that people started dropping megatons on us, but NetherRealm Interactive has revealed a new character for Injustice: Gods Amongst Us.  No, we still don’t have Bane, manly Aquaman, Zatanna and her magical chest, or Supergirl as Catwoman has officially been added to the roster. I know, isn’t it such a shocker that Catwoman is in a DC based brawler?

Ok, so my attitude may seem overly snarky and in turn playing up my sometimes jaded tone, but my feelings on the reveal are a bit mixed. On one hand it’s cool to see Catwoman in the game as her costume is nice (thankfully it doesn’t feature an unzipped zipper down the chest), her moves look solid, and she’ll likely be a fun character to play. 

Of course the big BUT I have concerning Catwoman’s inclusion is that it’s a bit too predictable.  It may be ok for NetherRealm and WB to opt for familiar faces over obscure ones, but wouldn’t it have been cooler to see Batgirl (either the old-school or new one) or someone else show up?  Right now there are five characters from the Batman universe in Injustice and at this point I’m almost wondering if it would’ve been better to do a Batman brawler instead, more-so just so I can see an epic boss version of Bane.

As of now Catwoman is the only Gamescom reveal set to be made so we may have to wait until additional roster announcements happen.  I do hope the whole Catwoman reveal is eventually offset by something a bit unexpected like seeing Shazam or even a kick ass version of Aquaman that shows the character can still be a badass.

An exact release date for Injustice has yet to be announced but the game will be out sometime in 2013 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U.