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New Aliens: Colonial Marines Making-Of Video Features More Human vs. Xeno Action

It may be a slow news day today but the fine folks over at Sega have released something that may be worth your time to check out.  The game itself may still be a few months away, but in case you’re excited for Aliens: Colonial Marines then you may want to take a look at this new making-of video.  As per the tradition set forth by the video game industries and the many PR people that occupy it, talking heads are abundant in this new making-of video, but it does give us what we’re most excited for: human vs. xeno combat footage.

Aliens: Colonial Marines has been in the public spotlight for the past year but it’s rather interesting to see how secretive Sega and developer Gearbox Software have been when it comes to sharing footage of the game. By now most of us have all seen the two core walkthrough demos that have been released and the recent multiplayer reveal which I had the pleasure of partaking in at E3 this year. But with all that Aliens goodness out for the public to see a lot of things have still been kept under wraps and even teaser footage that was shown privately at PAX Prime last year still hasn’t been hinted at or shown to the public. 

Despite the somewhat odd media flow, this new making-of video does give us a fair bit of acid blood action as more footage of the multiplayer mode is shown off.  Over dramatic developer highlights aside, this making-of video will likely give fans of the Aliens franchise what they want until Sega decides to do a major media reveal.  The footage itself that is shown looks good even if it's devoid of giant tentacle monsters, butch female marines, or space gods.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will be released on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC next year but it may arrive this Holiday season as a timed-exclusive on the Wii U.