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TL;DR - July 30 - Preorders, Durango, E3

It’s been a while… but I think the recent resurrection of my previous ‘passion project’, Why You Should Care, brought me back around to the idea of restarting my other ‘claim to fame’: TL;DR. As some of you may remember, it’s an opportunity for Shogun to catch up on some of the smaller stories of the day and provide you with the news you need, when the items themselves weren’t particularly large enough for a full ‘feature’. The return of TL;DR features some ‘legitimate’ images of the Xbox 360 successor ‘Durango’, details on the future of E3, and some information regarding pre-order bonuses for two games I’m personally pretty excited for: Transfomers and Dishonored.


The News:

A First Look at ‘Durango’ (‘s developer kit):

First up, Project ‘Durango’: No doubt by now you’ve, at least, heard the code-name for the next generation of Xbox gaming coming from Microsoft. ‘Durango’ is the term being bandied about the internet for the successor to the Xbox 360. The details are far and few between still, we’ve only been able to get brief glimpses of what the next generation might entail, the majority of the information currently being that of rumor and speculation. Today, however, a series of ‘verified’ images of a ‘Durango’ dev-kit started the circuit and stirred the pot regarding Microsoft’s development of Xbox ‘three’.

Durango - Image 1

Durango - Image 2

Want more? Head on over to Eurogamer who has the full story, and additional images.


The Future of E3 (same as it ever was…):

Some of you may remember that shortly after the end of this year’s E3 (just slightly over one month ago) the ESA started talking about the possibility of changing the venue for next year’s show. It was an announcement that caused a bit of uproar, both positive and negative, amongst the gaming industry, journalists, and fans of the show alike.

Today, however, the ESA has put an end to the rumors of a venue change via a public announcement posted on the E3 home-site. You can check out the full announcement on the site, but it basically boils down to this:

E3 will be returning to the LA convention center next year (June 11-13th, 2013) and will continue returning for the next three years (they are locked down now until 2015).

So there you have it, there won’t be any move for the show for quite some time. Looks like we’ll be heading to LA on the yearly for years to come.

Want more? The full release is currently up on E3 Expo’s home-site.


Details Regarding Pre-Order Bonuses for Dishonored and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron:

Love them or hate them, pre-order bonuses are here to stay. Bethesda and High Moon both pulled the curtains back on their pre-order goodies today for their games, Dishonored and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, respectively.

Let’s start out with Bethesda, who announced their pre-order packages via their UK blog today. It’s important to keep in mind this announcement was intended for the UK audience, so the details may change when the North American details are revealed, and the store-specific rewards of course will not mean much to those of us in Canada or the US.

Each location will have their own set of in-game abilities that are unlocked with pre-order purchase, abilities like “Fencer” which will net you a sword vs. sword bonus, “River Affinity” which will get you a bonus to speed when swimming, and “White Rat Friend” which insures that all white rats in the game are no longer hostile. Along with the store-specific ability bonuses you’ll also receive one of four in-game statues (which allows you to start the game with an extra slot), and a bonus 500 coins to begin.

The store-specific packages all have their own montage video (all of which can be viewed on the blog) and full break down.

Want more? The full details regarding Dishonored’s pre-orders are on the UK Beth-Blog.

From High Moon (in partnership with GameStop) came the announcement (via YouTube) we received information today about the pre-order items that will be offered with the release of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

Fans of the original Transformers series will be happy to know that buying the game in advance means unlocking a series of G1 items in-game at launch. Easily the biggest offering of the package is a G1 Optimus skin that will allow you to play as the original Optimus Prime in the game’s single-player campaign. In order to sweeten the deal though, High Moon (and GameStop) are also offering a series of G1-inspired weaponry including Megatron and Shockwave guns.

Want more? There isn’t much information beyond the video (provided above) but you can head over to the game’s site for more information about the August 21st release.



Seeing as I’m doing what I can to make my re-entry into the world of daily, truncated updates for TL;DR as painless as possible, I’m going to softball my second segment here with a couple of nifty videos that caught my attention the last little while.

The first video is a simply amazing fan-video of The Dark Knight featuring some incredibly detailed action figures:

Our second video today is the first in a series of ‘Mythbuster’ episodes that I’ve been enjoying, and another excuse to talk (briefly) about DayZ, which has been consuming nearly all of my free time of late:



As per usual (for those that remember this series) I generally like to wind down the TL;DR segment by letting you guys know what’s coming up, what’s new with the site, or various other important tidbits via a ‘PSA’ header.

Moving forwards (where applicable) I’d love to use Monday TL;DR segments to let you all know what’s on the horizon for Shogun Gamer, event-wise, so you can plan your upcoming weekend accordingly (and hang out with the writing staff at local events).

This Friday we’ll be heading down to GameDeals in New West for a night of drinking and driving. Of course we’re not talking about getting loaded and hitting the streets for realsies, but a 19+ event consisting of (responsible) drinking and (not so responsible) Mario Karting.

If you’re in the GVRD and haven’t made plans for your Friday yet, check GameDeals’ event page on Facebook for the details regarding the event/tournament.