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Latest Dead Space 3 Screens Feature New Enemies and Lots Of Brown

Last month at E3 one of the many projects gamers wanted to see was revealed as EA finally lift the lid off of Dead Space 3.  We all knew that a third entry in the Dead Space series was happening, but with only unconfirmed rumors there was no knowing when or what the next entry in the sci-fi action-horror series would be.  Obviously we know what the end goal and direction of Dead Space 3 is now, and honestly it isn’t as spectacular as some had hoped it would be.

The direction Dead Space 3 is going in isn’t totally odd since Necromorphs are still making things incredibly difficult for Isaac Clarke, but something just seems odd about the game. With things like universal ammo and co-op play now being in the equation, Dead Space 3 will likely have a familiar feel but in the end could be a completely different to that of its predecessors. 

It may still be too early to write Dead Space 3 as being the video game equivalent of a 3rd entry in a movie series that happened to go awry, but these new screenshots are interesting to say the least.  Showing Isaac in his new rig, we have our first glimpse at one of the many new enemies to be included in Dead Space 3.

Dubbed the Feeders, these skeletal foes almost seem like chumps compared to the Necromorphs we’ve seen in the past. I mean honestly, is a spooky skeleton supposed to frighten us after we’ve seen little critters pop out of a stomach of someone? Maybe if said skull was on fire Scoprion style I would be a bit frightened, but right now I’m just getting vibes of a moodier Ray Harryhausen.

The one other thing these new screens show us is that there’s going to be a lot of brown in Dead Space 3, like an almost annoying amount of the color.  Usually looked upon as the go-to color for drab games this generation, the amount of dark brown in these new screens is alarming and I hope that it’s simply a case of that particular section having a brown color palette as opposed to the game totally losing any sort of artistic appeal it once had.

I don’t know if Dead Space 3 is entering Resident Evil territory by shedding all the things that once made it good, but I just hope that the series ends on a grand note before making the presumed leap to the next-gen platforms.