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God of War Movie Still Happening, Gets New Writing Team

It seemed like it was only yesterday that I was thinking of how amazing a film based on God of War could be.  The cinematic action of the GOW series would make for a perfect Hollywood blockbuster if it were in the rights hands and had a talented cast to portray characters such as Kratos, Zeus, and Aries.  For a long time it seemed like the God of War movie was stuck in the underworld of film development since Universal hadn’t done much of anything with the property since acquiring the film rights nearly a decade ago. But now with God of War: Ascension on the horizon and perhaps being a bit desperate for a hit, Universal has selected two writers to pen the long awaited God of War film adaptation.

The mere fact that Universal still has the God of War film rights is kind of a big deal to me since I thought they would’ve reverted back to Sony by now. Usually in Hollywood most studios need to have a film in development one way or another to hold onto the rights but Universal seemingly did nothing with God of War – that is until now.  As per The Hollywood Reporter, Universal has selected writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan to write the God of War movie. The duo will reportedly rewrite an existing script but seeing how long this project has been in development, and I use that word loosely, chances are we’ll likely see a fresh script be assembled.

Far from having the same weight associated to their names such as Aaron Sorkin or even David Koepp, Melton and Dunstant have gained some buzz for writing the forthcoming Guillermo Del Toro helmed monster flick Pacific Rim. Featuring actors Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) and Idris Elba (Luther) in the lead roles, Pacific Rim is a flick that most of us can enjoy as it revolves around humanity controlling giant mechs to battle giant monsters.  Such a thing may not sound like high-brow cinema, but in the world of action movies I think Melton and Dunstant may be the best duo to flesh out the God of War universe and give the movie the much needed epic scope it requires.

With writers selected the only thing we can do now is merely wait and see what happens.  Most of us should be accustomed to major video game movies falling apart such as Bioshock so the same thing could happen to God of War. Either that or the film could enter production but with a woefully inadequate creative team/cast at the helm. After all Universal is the same studio that gave us the mega dud that was Cowboys & Aliens and then proceeded to sink $200 million+ into a live-action Battleship movie so in a lot of ways the studio doesn’t make the best decisions from time to time.

I’m all for a God of War movie becoming a reality since I think the material is perfect for such a thing. Just put Tom Hardy in the role of Kratos and I’ll buy my midnight showing ticket ASAP.