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Batman Could Be Poised For A Radical Video Game Departure

This week brings us the always glorious event that is the San Diego Comic Con. Filled with comic book goodness and our first look at major films that get our blood pumping and in some cases make our hearts flutter, the SDCC is simply an awesome event that over the years has grown to become more game centric.  While not becoming as major as other tradeshows such as E3 or even PAX Prime, the SDCC does bring its fair share of video game goodies, one of which may be the announcement of a new Batman game.

With Marvel slated to announce a new Marvel video game project and Sony showcasing games such as The Last Of Us and Beyond, Warner Bros. may not idly set by and have the show stolen from them.  According to the usually accurate sources of Variety, Warner Bros., in particular WB Games, is prepping a new Batman game once again helmed by Rocksteady. Now it may seem like I just pulled a VG247 by stating the obvious, but what’s interesting about this new Rocksteady Batman project is that it isn’t an immediate follow up to Batman: Arkham City.

It may sound alarming that Rocksteady may give the core Batman series a break, but their new side project could prove to be as equally amazing if everything is pulled off properly.  While these rumors have yet to be confirmed as of now, Rocksteady is reportedly making a DC Silver Age (1950s Batman comics) inspired game.

Presumably filled with art deco galore and a more extensive color palette, this new Batman game would see the dark knight face off against the Joker for the first time along with possibly being united with heroes such as Superman. The game, which is untitled as of now, is rumored to be scheduled for a 2014 release, presumably for current-gen consoles and next-gen platforms as well.

So the facts as they stand now have Rocksteady doing a new Batman video game series with a more classic inspired look that could see Batman team up with Superman to battle evil-doers. Now does such a concept sound awesome or would you rather have Rocksteady give us the next entry in the core Batman game series?  

Based on the success of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City it’s likely that WB will have them doing Batman games forever – almost in a situation that mirrors Infinity Ward. But with that said, it could be nice if Rocksteady can go off and do unique things with the Batman franchise such as this rumored Silver Age game.  Even if the core gameplay remained the same, seeing Batman in a style not presented in a video game before could be worth the price of admission.

If this news pans out it could mean that we won’t see a game follow-up to Batman: Arkham City until 2016 at the latest. Presumably WB will want to continue the series moving forward but it’s unknown if Rocksteady will double their size to accommodate two major projects at once or if we’re going to have to be patient to see what’s next for Batman in the wake of the whole Joker incident.

WB is keeping their cards close to their chest now so it’s unknown if this new project will be teased/announced during SDCC this weekend or if we’ll have to wait for a much hyped reveal at the Spike VGAs later this year.