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Deus Ex Is Chosen To Receive The Film Treatment

I don’t know what has happened recently to cause such sudden movement, but Hollywood seems to be putting more video game related projects on the fast track or at the very least are snagging up rights to games we love.  With the recent news concerning the Assassin’s Creed movie (OMG Fassbender!), and the recent acquisition by Dreamworks to do a Need For Speed movie it seems like Hollywood is once again fixated by video games and the potential piles of cash that can be made off them.

Now joining ever crowded realm of movies in development is a film based on Deus Ex. Yup, we could receive a sci-fi cyberpunk movie in the future if everything pans out.  Today it was announced that Square Enix will be co-producing a film based on the Deus Ex series alongside CBS Films – as in the same CBS that has given us shows like CSI Miami and Two Broke Girls. It may sound like the Deus Ex movie is already doomed, but CBS will reportedly work alongside both Square Enix and the team at SE Montreal to ensure that the movie is in line with what gamers experienced in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Additional info on the Deus Ex film wasn’t announced at present time seeing as how the deal between CBS and Square Enix has just been finalized.  Initially it may be exciting to learn that a Deus Ex movie is in the works, especially one that is molded after Human Revolution, but there are some things to think about. First off, it may not be terrible that CBS Films is producing the movie, but the general mandate of the studio has always been to produce projects with a budget under $50 million i.e. cheap flicks that aren’t a hassle to make at all.  

Unless CBS realizes the scope of Deus Ex and opts to pour more money into the pic there’s a chance we could see a film that doesn’t quite reach the vision that was established in the game.  There’s always a chance a talented director could work around major budget constraints, but unless CBS and Square Enix enlist the services of Duncan Jones or Neil Blomkamp I’m skeptical of what the end result could be.

The Deus Ex movie also has the unfortunate chance of simply becoming the latest video game movie to never enter principle photography.  Such a comment may seem odd, but serving as one of the producers on the Deus Ex movie is Adrian Askarieh. That name may not ring a bell, but Askarieh has also served as producer on vidgame movies such as Kane & Lynch, Hitman, and Just Cause – all of which have lingered in development hell for years.  I don’t have a personal vendetta against Askarieh, but if three other video game flicks can’t get off the ground (all of which were established and even had key talent attached) then I’m not confident Deus Ex will have a better result.

If pulled off properly a Deus Ex movie could be amazing but that’s only if all the factors align in a way never before seen.  For now we’ll just have to sit tight and see how far Square Enix and CBS decide to push the project and if it actually becomes a reality.

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