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Music Legend Paul McCartney Is Creating Music For Bungie's Next Game

Perfectly fitting the “who saw this coming?” label, music legend Paul McCartney has revealed that he is currently writing music for the newest game from Bungie. The former front man of The Beetles, lead singer of Wings, and former lover of a crazy one-legged woman has revealed via his Twitter account that he is penning music for Bungie’s next big project.  So is the money drying up for Sir Paul or is he simply bored?

In case you remember, earlier this year Paul revealed in an interview that he was writing music for a video game. At the time many of us assumed that it was likely a music based project seeing as how Paul is a music legend and he gave his blessing on the development of The Beatles Rock Band.  But obviously the game Paul was referring to in that interview was this new collaboration with Bungie which still has me trying to figure out if it’s cool or kind of dumb.

Before anyone worries about how deep Paul will be involved in Bungie’s new project, it seems that he may simply be writing a few tracks or perhaps one key song. In the initial announcement Tweet made by Paul a picture was included featuring Bungie composer Marty O’Donnell.  So for anyone worried that Bungie had kicked Marty to the curb in favor of music royalty that doesn’t seem to be the case as the studio is instead likely going the Hollywood route by requesting Paul create a key piece of music.

Neither Paul nor Bungie have released any additional details on this new development but I’m sure it’ll become a big thing whenever Bungie finally reveals their next project. So far what we know about the project is that it’s some kind of sci-fi fps game (yes another one) that is bound for the Xbox 360 next year.  So we’re finally at the point in the game industry in which we’re going to hear an original Paul McCartney tune in an fps game. Who ever saw that coming?