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Sony's PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Looks Kind Of Cool But Kind Of Pointless [Video]

Sometimes it may seem like I’m too much of a Sony fanboy in how enthused or excited I may be about a game or a particular announcement. I’ll admit that I’m definitely a member of the PlayStation nation, but every now and then Sony does something that’s so silly that I can’t defend it since it’s that asinine. Sony may be keeping a good grip on their core software releases this year, but when I look upon things such as the new PlayStation Move racing peripheral I really can’t help but cry on the inside.

Rumored earlier this year and then revealed at E3 earlier this month, the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel joins the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter in the “it’s kind of cool but kind of silly department”.  Obviously catered towards racing games that use the Move, Sony’s new peripheral is aiming to allow gamers to have greater control without feeling too awkward holding just a Move controller. But seriously, how is a racing wheel peripheral going to make that much of a difference in the end?

Looking like an item I would see used in a Courtney Trouble movie, the design of the PS Move Racing Wheel is pretty damn awkward. Sure, it may look comfortable to hold but it just looks odd having a Move in the middle of what looks to be a giant DualShock that was split in two pieces.  I didn’t get any hands-on time with this new Move peripheral at E3, I didn’t even see it on display anyplace, but the finer points of the controller are shown in a video Sony released today.

The tech and design of the PS Move Racing Wheel may be cool but I just find it odd that Sony is pushing such a peripheral at this stage in the game. Upcoming games such as LittleBigPlanet Karting may support the new Move peripheral, but I don’t know if gamers will go out and spend money on a Move peripheral so they can use it in Gran Turismo 5.  If more 3rd party developers were to take advantage of the Move Racing Wheel then that would be awesome, but seeing as how we’re on the cusp of the next gen and Sony in general never pushes devs to do one particular thing I doubt we’ll see any major title support the device.

I can appreciate what the PS Move Racing Wheel does as there are some cool elements to it such as the alt handle mode, but it just seems like it’s too lttp.  If this came out when the Move was still fresh to gamers then it would’ve been awesome but seeing as how gamers care so little about Sony’s attempt at motion gaming I think the PS Move Racing Wheel will have little impact on the PS3 nation.

The PlayStation Move Racing Wheel will be available this Fall for $39.99 and will be compatible in existing games such as NFS: Hot Pursuit, Burnout Paradise, and Motorstorm Apocalypse.