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Sony's Wonderbook Peripheral May Receive Support From A Major Company

It may not have had the best reveal at E3, but Sony’s new Wonderbook peripheral for the PS3 is indeed a thing that’s here to stay.  The thought of Sony skewing towards a younger demographic may seem a bit peculiar if not worrisome of what the future holds, but the Wonderbook could indeed open some new avenues in how people experience games and what their general perception of interactive entertainment is.

Besides the surprise reveal of the Harry Potter spin-off Book of Spells, the Wonderbook software line-up is pretty damn slim right now but that’s looking to change in the coming months.  While Sony didn’t announce a wide array of development partners for Wonderbook at E3, a rather notable company has revealed that they may support the device.

Potentially joining Sony in the rather empty pool of Wonderbook support will be BBC Worldwide. “It was really exciting for us to see the Wonderbook at the Sony conference. We are a big believer in Augmented Reality, we are a big believer in story,” said BBC Worldwide Digital Entertainment Vice President Robert Nashak in an interview with MCV.  Nashak didn’t elaborate as to what the BBC would do on the Wonderbook since the company has yet to officially sign the dotted line to support the peripheral.

The BBC’s support of the Wonderbook wouldn’t end up with us playing an interactive version of Sherlock, but instead we could see a new Doctor Who game. I know a good Doctor Who game has yet to come up as it’s still residing deep within the time vortex, but the possibility of a Wonderbook Doctor Who game could be amazing.

Imagine a Wonderbook Doctor Who game that’s created under the guise of River Song’s mysterious blue spoiler filled journal. Some Doctor Who fans may be sick of old River already, but a game revolving around River’s journal would be fitting for the Wonderbook and allow plenty of easy lead-ins to specific gameplay segments – most of which would ideally feature a digital version of the Sonic Screwdriver atop the PlayStation Move. Give us some David Tenant and Matt Smith era Who goodness and I’ll gladly fork over $40 for a Wonderbook Doctor Who game.

Of course the chances of a good Doctor Who game coming out relatively soon is slimmer than Christopher Eccleston actually coming back for the 50th anniversary Doctor Who project, but maybe someone at BBC and Sony will put two and two together and realize the potential that’s there.