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A Familiar Actor May Join The Cast Of Beyond: Two Souls

One of the few surprises and highlights from E3 this year came in the form of Beyond, the new game from Quantic Dream.  The next game from the team that gave us Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain, Beyond ultimately got a lot of buzz not only for the lineage of the development team but because it stars none other than actress Ellen Page.  

As an Academy Award nominee that’s known for films such as Juno and Inception, Ellen brings some clout to Beyond that in a lot of ways may raise awareness for the game beyond the typical gaming circles.  For what it is, a dramatic supernatural tale with heavily scripted action, Beyond is already shaping up to be an intriguing if not pivotal game for the final days of the PS3.

Besides the inclusion of Ellen Page as part of the cast it wasn’t hinted at whether Beyond would feature other key Hollywood talent but that may now seem to be the case.  According to a source of GamesIndustryBiz, Beyond may feature the talents of a prolific character actor that is loved by those who consider themselves movie buffs as none other than Willem Dafoe is reportedly set to co-star alongside Ellen Page in Beyond.

Best known for playing a soldier, the Green Goblin, and even Jesus Christ , Dafoe is said to be lending his intense acting chops in Beyond.  The source of this rumor didn’t elaborate on the nature of Dafoe's role, but it honestly doesn’t seem too far-fetched to imagine he'll actually be in the game.

If David Cage could get the talents of Ellen Page then I don’t see why it would be hard to believe that Dafoe is onboard.  In some ways Dafoe may seem like an actor that isn’t appealed by video games, but we best not forget that back in 2004 he played the villain in EA’s James Bond: Everything Or Nothing.

The addition of Dafoe in Beyond would no doubt prove to be amazing considering how talented Dafoe is and how it would further legitimize the direction the project is taking.  A lot of gamers may still be scratching their heads as to the concept of Beyond and how potentially silly it could get, but give me some crazy and or intense Dafoe acting and I’m sure the game will be a complete gem.