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Anarchy Reigns Receives New Western Release Window

Usually I like to question the business practices of certain video game publishers as some truly idiotic moves can be made. Things like not promoting a game to its fullest (I’m looking at you Sony), or a publisher essentially sending a game to die in a crowded release window are just some of the things that slowly result in gamers getting pissed off in one way or another. But on this fairly easy going Monday some news has arisen that may please those who have been looking forward to Anarchy Reigns.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, some interesting things have happened to Anarchy Reigns in the last few weeks – the biggest of which is that the game was suddenly dropped from its planned early July release in North America and Europe. Despite the game being 100% done and still scheduled for release in Japan next month, Sega for some reason decided to “re-evaluate” things which led to an immense amount of worry as to whether the game would ever be released in Western markets.

Sega has thankfully come to their senses, at least for now, as Anarchy Reigns has been given a new Western release window.  Revealed via Twitter, Anarchy Reigns will finally arrive on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in early 2013.  Yes, we may need to wait nearly seven or more months to play the game, but at least Sega hasn’t completely decided to throw the game in the bin due to their recent financial struggles.

More specific info on the new release window for Anarchy Reigns hasn’t been released just yet, but at this point I think we should be thanking Sega for sticking with the game. I’ll admit that the way things have been handled so far have been questionable, but at least gamers won’t have to throw down $80+ to import the PS3 version from sites like PlayAsia to experience the mayhem Platinum Games has put together.

A digital release of Anarchy Reigns would probably be the best thing for Sega to do (low risk, maybe more accessible to some folks), but in general I’m just happy that 2013 will see a double whammy of Platinum Games goodness with Anarchy Reigns and Metal Gear Rising.