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Robotoki's New Project Is Revealed (Hint: It Involves the Undead)

Far removed from the now resolved drama between Activision and Infinity Ward founders Frank Zampella and Jason West, former IW Community Manager Robert Bowling has his sights set on bigger things like developing a new IP.  It’s not too often that we see those in the mid-level range of development go on to create their own studios but that’s what Robert has done with Robotoki and now we know what the studios debut game will be.

When Robert announced Robotoki he revealed that he had big plans for the company and that unlike other studios the projects would be created with narrative first and story second, a design formula that some thought would lead to possibly vapid or ill-conceived experiences.  Personally I’m all for more studios aiming to deliver more experiences with strong narrative values and such a thing may be on display in Human Element, the debut game from Robert and the team at Robotoki.

Revealed in an interview with Game Informer, Human Element is yet another game focused on survival since that seems to be the growing trend in games these days.  Personally it would be cool if Human Element was some kind of survival game akin to Ubisoft’s I Am Alive, but the game will instead have players do their best to stay alive against a zombie onslaught.  Yup, we’re getting another zombie game.

Robotoki isn’t going creatively bankrupt with their debut endeavor as Human Element will attempt to do a few unique things in the zombie sub-genre.  Instead of focusing on surviving against hordes of zombies non-stop, Human Element seems to be taking a note The Walking Dead by focusing on the relationships amongst those trying their best to survive in the harsh times of a zombie apocalypse.

Robert didn’t dish out a ton of game details for Human Element, but he did confess the central mechanic which will revolve around selecting a class type.  Available in Human Element will be an Action, Stealth, and Intelligence class that gamers can choose from when they start the game. Human Element isn’t exactly doing anything totally radical in what classes are being offered, but the class type that gamers select will ultimately impact the game and how they survive, whether it is alone, with an ally, or with a child to oversee.

Beyond the class types details on Human Element are still unknown though we may get a few other tidbits once the new issue of Game Informer drops.  Receiving yet another zombie game probably won’t get a lot of people hyped from the start, even if it’s destined for next-gen platforms, but if Robotoki can truly make gamers feel emotional or have a true conscience whilst playing then I’m all for it.  The zombie genre is basically in a lull now with few instances of true innovation so perhaps the folks at Robotoki will be the ones who finally turn things around seeing as how they’re the new kids on the block. 

Human Element is being targeted for a 2015 release on next-gen platforms and mobile devices.