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Film Version Of Shadow Of The Colossus Still Alive, Director Chosen

Sony seems to be pushing for more of their video game properties to go the cinematic route as Sony Pictures division is currently attempting to bring both Uncharted and Twisted Metal to the big screen.  The common belief is that most movies based on games tend to be varying degrees of garbage, but what will happen when a talented young director is assigned to take on a video game that’s loved for its uniqueness and complete lack of dialogue and obvious story exposition?  I honestly don’t know just yet, but pretty soon we may find out through the film adaptation of Shadow of the Colossus.

Long presumed dead, the film adaptation of SOTC seems to have received a second lease at life since Sony has just signed a potential Hollywood heavy hitter director to helm the project.  After giving us the realistic superhero flick Chronicle, director Josh Trank will be moving on to giving us a film version of Shadow of the Colossus. 

The fact that a film version of SOTC was in development shouldn’t be that much of a surprise considering Sony had screenwriters producing drafts a few years ago. The lack of news around the film had many believing that Sony ultimately let the project fall into the garbage bin of undeveloped films but alas that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Sony hasn’t put the SOTC film on the fast track just yet as enlisting the services of Trank is the first major development the project has received.  According to the sources of Deadline, Sony is currently pooling the ever hungry pool of writers to see who can adapt the game into a two hour film.  

It may seem like a complete sacrilege to attempt a film version of SOTC, but I’m kind of interested to see what the film could look like.  The premise of the game does indeed have the epic feel that would be amazing to see recreated in a movie with tangible elements to go alongside giant CGI behemoths, but will we get an adaptation that forgoes the subtle story narrative found in the game in favor of something that is cliché and has unnecessary new characters thrown into the mix?  It’s still too early to tell what Sony and Trank will bring to the table, but as long as Will Smith or one of his offspring isn’t given the role of Wanderer then I’ll remain cautiously optimistic as of now.

The choice of Trank to helm the SOTC film is an interesting one since Chronicle is the only film he’s directed so far.  A hit at the box office, Chronicle was able to show what Trank could do with a small budget and limited resources, but entrusting a young director with a presumably epic CGI fantasy movie may result in a complete dud or the long sought after brilliance video game fans have been seeking. Personally I would’ve loved to see someone with more artistic leanings helm the SOTC movie such as Nicholas Winding Refn (Valhalla Rising, Drive) but you can never get what you want.

I don’t know if we should all start a bet to see which Sony video game film makes it to the big screen first, but at this point I wouldn’t hold my breath at any of them hitting theaters by 2014.