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Rare Could Be Going Back To Form On The Next-Gen Xbox

There have been quite a few injustices done in the video game industry, but one that still has gamers in complete scorn mode is how Microsoft has handled Rare. The prolific studio behind games such as GoldenEye and Conker’s Bad Fur Day, the purchase of Rare by Microsoft didn’t seem all that bad when it happened in 2002.  The $375 million sum Microsoft spent on acquiring Rare was certainly one to balk at, but the prospect of Microsoft tapping into the talent Rare possessed seemed like it would’ve been a dream scenario.  Of course the end conclusion was that Rare gave us Perfect Dark Zero (a complete dud) and has since been stripped to become the key casual/Kinect studio in the Microsoft video game empire.

The current situation of Rare may be bad enough to cause immense depression amongst longtime fans of the studio, but the company could finally be changing things around.  With Microsoft ramping things up on their next-gen console, at least in the ever so subtle way that companies can, it appears that Rare is gearing up to produce some games that thankfully don’t revolve around Avatars or Kinect based sport games as they could be going back to their action/adventure roots.

Once again uncovered by the Superannuation chap, Rare is currently seeking new staff members with experience in action/adventure and FPS games who will help the studio work on new IPs for future consoles i.e. the next Xbox.  Now before we get all excited that Rare will give us a new FPS to wow us with we should take some baby steps as they are a few things to factor in.

First off, despite being owned by Microsoft and producing titles for the next Xbox there’s still the chance that whatever Rare has cooking, action-adventure or FPS based, could never see the light of day.  Rare has already had a few projects binned on the Xbox 360 and Microsoft has already cancelled or at least halted production on a next-gen project helmed by Obsidian.

The other key thing to keep in mind regarding this Rare news is that there’s still the chance that the new IP could be based on the next iteration of the Kinect.   Seeing as how Rare has made Kinect games their bread and butter for the last few years it’s not that much of a stretch to imagine that Microsoft may task them with a next-gen Kinect game, albeit this time for a genre that most gamers actually care about.

The job posting, which has since been taken down, didn’t include any other details that could be considered juicy or insightful, but if Rare goes old-school and gives us a new IP in the vein of Perfect Dark or even Kameo then we all may be in for a treat.  Over the last few years Rare has certainly dropped a few rungs in the developer food chain for a variety of reasons, but if the studio could bounce back with an engaging IP then the next gen could end up being way better than we had expected it to be.