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ShiftyLook Announces New Dig Dug Comic Series

Sometimes hugely unexpected projects can surface which immediately leave us scratching our heads.  Honestly, at what point did you ever think we would see the board game Battleship adapted into a big Summer blockbuster movie starring actors who are known for playing a Jedi Knight and a sometimes good/sometimes bad vampire?  Crazier media adaptations may have happened in the past, but when it comes to video games fans can be extremely touchy as to what may happen to their beloved properties.

We haven’t seen too many video games receive downright horrible adaptations, but surprisingly Namco Bandai seems to be on the right path when it comes to reinvigorating new franchises in surprising ways.  Earlier this year Namco launched a new division dubbed ShiftyLook, which in a surprise move isn’t dedicated to creating new games but is rather focused on taking long forgotten franchises and resurrecting them as short comics released digitally.  With titles such as Dirk Davies, Sky Kid, and Wonder Momo already released, Shifty Look has announced their latest project in the debut of the ShiftyLook podcast: a comic adaptation of Dig Dug.

Yes, a stylistic and narrative reboot of Dig Dug may sound like the silliest thing ever, but ShiftyLook once again has a plan that in the end could prove to be entertaining both for fans of video games and comic books.  To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Dig Dug franchise, Namco and ShiftyLook have assembled a rather extensive team of writers and artists who will breathe fresh life into Dig Dug and in the process hopefully make a few folks cry out for a new Dig Dug game.

Instead of releasing a cohesive Dig Dug series much like ShiftyLook has done with projects such as Bravoman and Rolling Thunder, this Dig Dug endeavor will have artists such as Omar Dogan and writers such as Ben McCool and Elliot Serrano release small self-contained stories which provide a Dig Dug tale and style unlike anything we’ve seen before.  The specific creative teams and total number of Dig Dug installment haven’t been announced at this time, but considering the talent ShiftyLook has combined in the past I’m sure things will be golden for the big anniversary of Dig Dug.

Speaking of the Dig Dug announcement ShiftyLook Producer/Editor-In-Chief Rob Pereyda said, “Dig Dug is one of those iconic games that means a lot to retro gamers, especially those of us who grew up constantly trying to inflate many a Fygar, so we wanted to do something very special for the web comic.”  

Slightly older gamers may be a bit wary about this Dig Dug news considering the stumbling certain video game properties have done in the past, but so far ShiftyLook has released some amazing content that isn’t focused on selling products but instead is all about providing cool stories and stunning art.

Additional announcements on the Dig Dug anniversary project will be released in the coming weeks so you may want to keep your eye peeled to the ShiftyLook website for more info when you’re not perusing the free comics that are on the site.