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Star Wars Trademark Hints At A Possibly Badass Video Game

The way LucasArts has handled the Star Wars video games this generation may be as sad as seeing a hungry dog on the streets of Boston at night, but there hasn’t been much for fans to do.  The easiest way to show big publishers our displeasure with something is to not buy their products, but seeing as how core Star Wars games have been few and far between on the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii there really hasn’t been much to do aside from posting angry rants on forums.

LucasArts may have screwed gamers over by meddling with projects such as Star Wars Battlefront 3 yet giving the full greenlight to Star Wars Kinect, but there’s the small chance that we may finally receive the Star Wars video game experience we’ve been waiting for ever so desperately.  An E3 tease may not be at hand, but LucasArts recently filed the trademark Star Wars 1313 for use in video games and other mediums and merchandise.  Now this new Star Wars project isn’t trying to be hip with a form of Leet speak as it instead refers to none other than Boba Fett i.e. the most badass bounty hunter in the Star Wars galaxy.

For those who don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of the various ins and outs of the Star Wars universe, CT-1313 was an alias used by Boba Fett when he had to use some stealth instead of taking the easy route by disintegrating a fool.  It may be a stretch to imagine that LucasArts would do yet another bounty hunter centric game after the poor reception Star Wars: Bounty Hunter had in the PS2 era, but let me take a minute to break it down for you. 

Despite being in rough shape in the eyes of gamers, LucasArts have been hard at work on several projects, one of which is headed by Clint Hocking, the chap who was the Creative Director on Far Cry 2.  Exact details around Clint’s project have never been leaked or hinted at in a huge way, but word had it that the game may be an open-world title.  So will we get the perfect Star Wars game featuring a young Boba Fett kicking ass in a giant open-world environment? As a Boba Fett fan I certainly hope so but considering this is LucasArts you can never be so sure.

With how quiet LucasArts has been concerning their internal projects one would imagine that they’ll have to announce something soon seeing as how they likely haven’t begun next-gen development.  If LucasArts were to do the sensible thing, which may be tough for them considering what’s transpired in the past, an E3 announcement would be fitting for a game that may feature a character many hold close to their hearts.  

There’s still the possibility this Star Wars 1313 trademark was nothing more than a basic “cover our bases” move by LucasArts and that it’ll simply be for a new comic book or heaven forbid yet another toy line, in which case I may just officially give up on LucasArts.

If this Star Wars 1313 thing pans out what exactly would you want to see in a game featuring Boba Fett? Let us know in the comments section or on our Facebook page.