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The Unfinished Swan Is Finally Revealed For The PSN

Sony may not be able to keep a lid on all their big projects, but every now and then a project does come along which we either didn’t see coming or was collectively forgotten about due to how long its development cycle has been.  As far as major PS3 exclusives are concerned we may not see anything else major come out in the next year or so, but when it comes to the PSN Sony still have a lot of surprises in store for us, one of which is The Unfinished Swan.

No, Sony isn’t doing a ballet inspired game of some sort as The Unfinished Swan is a rather trippy first-person adventure game presented in an unconventional way.  Unlike the forthcoming PSN game Datura which is also a first-person adventure game, The Unfinished Swan opts for a more abstract art approach in which the player may be in areas that are totally devoid of any color.

The lack of color plays into the core gameplay mechanic of the game as it’s effectively a first-person adventure/painting game. By shooting globs of paint in the seemingly stark environment new paths and doors are discovered – all of which were otherwise hidden.  

The central gameplay approach of The Unfinished Swan is effectively conveyed in this debut trailer but fear not as the game won’t be a one trick pony.  While developer Giant Sparrow is staying quiet about certain elements of the game (PS Move, 3D support, etc.), Creative Director Ian Dallas did reveal that only the first fifteen minutes of the game will consist of painting in a white world and then after that the game subsequently starts to get weird in a way that I hope will be reminiscent of an acid trip induced late 1960s art project.

The Unfinished Swan may not be a game that is for everyone, but for those who like creative games of a smaller scale I think it may be worth checking out.  The game itself has been in development since 2008 so I would have to imagine that Giant Sparrow have thought things out instead of just doing a potentially repetitive paint shooting game with frogs popping up here and there.  As long as things aren’t repetitive and there isn’t a slightly pretentious tone present I think The Unfinished Swan could go on to become one of the main highlights of the PSN.