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Anarchy Reigns Gets Three New Character Additions

Absent from any kind of public or tradeshow spotlight since E3 last year, Anarchy Reigns is indeed still coming out this year as it was spared in the great Sega Slaughter of 2012.  The multiplayer based brawler may be one of the many games that will slip under the radar of people for a variety of different reasons, but for those out there who haven’t forgotten about the game you may be happy to see this update.

Over the last year or so we’ve gotten an in-depth look at the roster of Anarchy Reigns which includes cyborgs, ninjas, robo-bulls, and fat men who are actually green monsters.  To say that the roster of Anarchy Reigns is eclectic would be an understatement but the game is receiving a rather tame roster upgrade that sees a triple threat of lethal but attractive action added to the mix.

Joining Anarchy Reigns are the Rin sisters (Rin, Fei, and Ai), a troupe of stylish female assassins who as of now appear to be devoid of any cybernetic appendages.  Bearing a rather tame visual style that doesn’t include them having a double-J bust or decked out in leather, the Rin sisters look to add some stylish subtlety to the otherwise ludicrous action found in Anarchy Reigns.

Sega has yet to release a trailer featuring the Rin sisters, that’s if they still give a damn about the game, but images of the beautiful assassins can be seen via Famitsu.  The Rin sisters may look relatively tame but they aren’t so reserved when it comes to combat as Rin Rin utilizes fans and fire attacks, Fei has a spear and bewitching abilities, and Ai uses nunchaks to dispose of her foes.  I’m sure each Rin sister will have a ridiculous attack as nothing in Anarchy Reigns has been tame or simply subtle – especially since the whole premise is to beat people to a pulp.

I’ve been interested in the concept of Anarchy Reigns since the start, but the lack of any new media for the game and it being notably absent both at PAX Prime and GDC 2012 does have me slightly worried.  The game wasn’t exactly in tip-top form at E3 last year and the lack of any new hands-on impressions has me wondering if we should all worry about this as opposed to what Platinum is doing with Metal Gear Rising.  I don’t think Anarchy Reigns will be a complete train wreck, but it may be the first Platinum Games project that doesn’t go on to earn an esteemed following.

Pending any last minute delays, Anarchy Reigns will be out for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on July 3rd in North America and July 6th in Europe.